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        Hello, I’m Bob Swanson caretaker/restorer of the Danbury Modifiers Lyndwood rail that ran Dover from opening day until the engine let go in 1962. The club bought the rolling chassis from the factory in 1959 raced it in Rhode Island, New York, and Pennsylvania before Dover opened. It was on the cover of the opening day program, and I’ve got a nice collection of photos that have helped with the restoration. I’ll have it at the 2008 Reunion. Only went to Dover once in 1961 when I was 10 years old……….still have my ticket stub and memories of the Blown Hearse being push started, turning around, lining up and blasting off. Thanks Dino for setting up the site I’ll get some photos off to you.


            YES! That was taken at the Dover Reunion in 2006 or earlier.


                BOB …we need your “History” input !!!!!!.(Bob has loads of stuff!)…Ever figure how to post photos on new computer?
                Everyone missed you at Reunion..hey, **** happens.


                    Bob got his new computer sorted out and with his “teacher-smart” daughter Erica ,sent us fantastic early sixties dragster action photos (including Modifiers Alley-Opp) ….more comimg from Bob. (Update 12/11/09) ….All those photos NOW in Dick Donofio Collection in ODF gallery….Dino


                        Just got this Today From George Hosford…Original 1961 Starter And Modifiers Member…Bob will like this…all the way from florida .



                            Just heard from Bob .He’s all excited About “running” Hellzappopin! with Alley Oop!.once they’re both done ….He’s contacting Bobby to stay in touch. And he says he just found a motor builder to finish the engine….Another Photo recreation?



                                here we go ,OH, Alleyoop Bob was Bob Swanson
                                Bobby S is now Hellzapopin Bob

                                What the —— I forgot what snext Bob
                                Upstairs Bob moved to ‘Where Bob’ cause Jay Ceez closed
                                Whers Bobby la regina??
                                Bob aka Tiny E. founder of N.E.T.O. is still in Poughkeepsie,N.Y.
                                Bob ‘no im not Dinos brother Smith is ,Oh s— where!
                                Video Bob is in the woods deer hunting and looking for a job
                                Bobby Lagana is watching sons Bobby jr . and Dominic race AA/FD
                                Roll another one just like the other one,
                                I give up !!


                                    maybe when both dragsters are done (hopefully for 2010 race)
                                    do a photo shoot like was done with Pat’s MG & Bad News, 😉

                                    Bobby LaRegina busy at shop in Poughkeepsie,
                                    talked with him today about work on the dragster, 😯

                                    Bob “Tiny” Eglit, still in poughkeepsie also,
                                    maybe get some ODF’s on him to bring his S/S Dodge to race # 2,,, 😛

                                    Bob Engles also in poughkeepsie doing whathe does best
                                    making HORSEPOWER. 😮

                                    Dino’s Bro most likely getting ready for the holidays,
                                    and working on 2nd Annual race. 🙂

                                    V-Bob remember you go in the woods with 10 toes
                                    U come out with 10 😳
                                    hope a job comes along for the new year,

                                    Bobby Lagana good to hear he is having fun with his
                                    boys doing what they like. 😛

                                    ’bout it for now, going a few rounds with a
                                    real GOOD NORTHEAST cold, GOOOOODDDD meds, 😥

                                    BOBBY S.



                                        What is the “skinny” on those Lyndwood chassis…? It seems to me that they were abundant in the north east but not anywhere else. Where did you go to buy one in the day when they were available…? Gommi had one, but he lengthened it… FOUR FEET…!!!

                                        How did you buy a Lyndwood…? Through a catalogue…?


                                            Lyndwood was the first to offer dragster Chassis -production made..Still in business in Wilkes-Barre,Pa. Bob Bilboe runs it it .He is the son of the late founder Pat.

                                                quote dinotheweirdo:

                                                Lyndwood was the first to offer dragster Chassis -production made..Still in business in Wilkes-Barre,Pa. Bob Bilboe runs it it .He is the son of the late founder Pat.



                                                    The Westport Downshifters had a Lyndwood chassis too, back about 60-62. The club project kind of floundered around for several years as the older members moved on and new guys came in. Money was always an issue for a bunch of kids like us. Most couldn’t even get a licence yet, let alone build a “race car”. But hell, we all read Hot Rod, what more did we need to know? The car finally made it to the track in 68, after a lot of adventures, err, tuning, running around on the streets surrounding the several garages we were thrown out of. With a basically stock flathead, spray bomb paint and some retread tires that looked a lot like snowtires, we were ready for the big time…Dover. We learned alot that summer. Mostly we found out that we were way out above our skills, in a car that was considered obsolete just about the time it was new. The golden age of FED’s passed us by much like everybody we ran against. So a core group of diehard fools decided that rather than start over with something different (more current), we would “develop” the car we had. The car went on a diet, got some wire’s up front, mags in back with “real” slicks, replaced the 1930’s ford trans that blew up with a late model 3 speed, added a parachute and a fancy paint job. The flattie got a bigtime make over too. Professional port/relieve job by a guy who did Danbury motors, 239 to 296″, Isky 404 cam,light valves, better heads, Vertex mag, “Blueprinted and balanced”, aluminum flywheel/HD clutch. And the best score…a Hilborn fuel injection setup.
                                                    We went from low 15’s to a best of 11.3. There was another second left in it we felt, but first Uncle Sam called, then it “Jest blowed up”.
                                                    The Lyndwood chassis went on to new owners on Long Island. I kept the flattie to put in a T Bucket when I got back. End of my drag racing. Looking back, I’d like to think we were at the forefront of nostalgia racing.


                                                        FLASH BULLITIN

                                                        Everybody go see: http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=327148 at the HAMB web site forum.

                                                        Somebody in Tennesee has got an old ( get this… ) elongated Lyndwood car and he is trying to learn more about it’s oragin. He says that it came from New York. Okay, New York is not Connecticut but it’s close enough. It would be really big if we have found the Grady Gommi & Kennedy car after all these years.

                                                        And… notice that he said that…”the car had a small wing on the front of it”… that’s an important clue right there. If this pans out, then we have to notify Paul Gommi right away. I’m serious.

                                                        Go check it out and comment.

                                                        quote :

                                                        HenryJGuy sez:

                                                        I really wish I knew more about the history of this front engine dragster, but I’m pretty much clueless. I did receive confirmation from Bob Bilbow (Pat’s son) that it is a Lyndwood chassis. Apparently it’s been stretched at some point, but I have no idea about the car’s history. I know it came to TN from NY in the 1980’s. The car runs and drives without any problem–it would certainly be capable of a little test drive before pulling it onto the trailer.

                                                        … and the car actually had a small wing on the front of it.

                                                        Nope… Go see: http://www.doverdragstrip.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1028&start=10


                                                            Just got a message From BOB…doesn’t have a truck or Van anymore to tow it up to Lebanon…Any Volunteers?…hasn’t been to a Dover event since 2008!…Contact me and I’ll hook you up with him..I Plan on calling Him to get the straight scoop on his current situation…shame if It didn’t show.

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