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        The “Lil Ole Whine Maker” is for sale. It has been blasted and epoxy primered except for the rear doors which we found in California and the rear trunk lid, that still reads “Gonna stomp on you”. We have new door bottoms for the front. $2,000 obo. Bob 845 206-2306


            I bought the car from Tiny then ended up trading it off to Richie Reyes small world still a sweet car


                Ah—-History documented ! I’m ready to letter it …Save this and restore it to original …hate to see it lost to “other Idea” .


                    Is that car still for sale?


                        Call Bob Whalen…# in first post ….was still for sale at Reunion in Sept.


                            I put it on E-Bay, the auction’s not over,but the reserve has been met. I was hoping to sell it to someone related to the web site but I’ve had it on there for sale since June with only 1 or 2 inquires, nothing the last 6 months.I trailered it down to the Dover reunion back in September thinking surely somebody would be interested. One guy came afterword and said he would take it but then I never heard from him again. I barely have time for racing my ’39 Ford pickup. At least I feel I’ve saved the car from oblivion and somebody can have some fun with it. Thanks again for your help and I look forward to seeing you in September. Regards,Bob

                          Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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