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        Just talked on the land line to Mike…He’s tracking down Willys owner/driver Al DeAngelis …and was just at Scinto’s. Mike helped Al up til ’71 before going into Air Force…The Willys he says is STILL sitting in a field where the guy that bought it in ’73 left it ! ….seems he won’t sell …..well we’ll see about That! Mikes on the case to find the field…..Mike’s user name “Mystery Willys ” …of course !. . . . . . . . .photo by T.O’Shea, ODF GALLERIES



            Beautiful car Mike, Good Luck in your quest! That car deserves better than a field!


                talking to Al on phone as I Type !….Car is in Maine in the Field….Doug Munson attempted To buy it …But guy won’t sell. Al drove Moroso’s Vette for a number of years along with Running Bob Ingels former richie Zul Camaro. He’ll be on here soon ! Al ran Race Parts Manufacturing ,that supplied custom parts For Moroso …first Part was the Famous Moroso Tach Bracket, when Dick had the small shop in Greenwich. He remembers losing to Bill Casey at Englishtown when his clutch blew. More stuff coming !


                    Thanks Dino,
                    I will post a few pictures as soon as I find them again.I still have a few Trophys Aldo won back in the day. I am also glad you got the chance to talk with Aldo. It is a shame that the car is just sitting.It certainly was quite a machine.Those days played a very important part in my life.

                    Chat soon

                    Michael Carroll


                        That’s a beautifully prepared Willys Coupe there.

                        My curiocity is aroused. Notice how large those front tires are, and he still manages to jack the front end about six inches off the pavement on launching. Most gas coupes in the day had smaller front tires. I wonder if Al DeAngelis chose those tires for their weight because he might have had too much wheel stand with lighter ones… Anybody know…???

                        My curiocity… that’s all… ❓


                            Mike…how’s the photo search coming ?


                                Just wondering if anymore information was ever found on this car or pictures.


                                    Yeah…see replies here…Up in Maine cow pasture basically rotting away ’cause the guy wants really stupid price for it .


                                        What is the guy asking for it? If it’s far enough away from anything, it could be “liberated” !……………..Mikey 😆


                                            ???Grand theft Willy’s ??? What the hell….I GOT BAIL MONEY!!! 😆


                                                It could always be “liberated” a piece at a time……. DAMN KIDS!!!


                                                    From what I’ve heard …there no motor or trans in it .somebody asked the guy ,and he wanted some silly amount .they countered and he refused …so he’s just sitting on it -dreaming of the big sell.


                                                        Waddya say “Dean Corleone” ?? We should make him an offer he can’t refuse…. or at least try to get him to part with it for a reasonable price for a good and noble cause. That is if there is anything worth saving….. 🙁 Does anyone know exactly where it is to maybe get a look at it, maybe even pictures?? Maybe the the gods of race cars past might just smile on the Odf members once again? Or it can just be chalked up to another sad story. I’d be willing to help out if there is anything that can be done. – Jason 😎


                                                                Thanks Bobby, just checked it out… A VERY SWEET PIECE! It would sure fill the void in the Mystery Willys if shes not too far gone… I know some of my parts aren’t as good as they were in 73 😆 😆 😆 Thanks again- Jason

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