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        As most of the originals here know,”Papasmurph” was the creator of our site ,while in my employ at the signshop.I call him Ollie…even though thats just a nickname. Well ,Papa (Ollie) left around Oct. for a change in his life and has a new job AND a new family. He’s playing “Dad” to two young children and their Mom lately. So Like me…his time is kinda full. But lately ,he’s been helping out with website work for Me and Rich at M & M Speed.com . Seems both sites have been under repeated hacker attacks in the past month.Some we handled through the Dover Server ,and Papa came to the rescue with the other stuff.He’s currently ‘Sweeping ” the entire site and ODF galleries for infections or hack work.This will take a few days. He really is a wiz on computer stuff. My thanks to him for his loyal assistance. Now ,Papa is also the ‘Editor’ of all our video clips.Thay have, kind of been few in the past months…But -have no fear…plenty of things planned as papa can get to them.


            glade to hear all is going well for you, 🙂
            miss ya on the forum, 😥 😥
            as before THANK YOU
            for all you did in the past 😮
            along with your help now, 😛

            Bobby S.

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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