"RT.293" then end up at Drummer Boy by West Point

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        by HVY70SS on Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:01 am

        On the other side of the river…Hudson that is, our street racing was done on a somewhat unknown road called Rt. 293. Years ago it was mainly a long stretch outside of West Point for the Army to get to their training camps. What was great our local cops had no rights there as it was a military road. By the time the MP’s (Keystone Kops) got there we were gone!!! Same deal as DK said …blocked roads, had spotters etc. Every one on this side came down from Cornwall, Newburgh to race. Hell…Centolanza’s tested all their Hemi cars MANY times there. After that we usually ended up at the “Drummer Boy” in Fort Montgomery for some “liquid refreshments”. Alot of new generation guys still go….hard today though now the road is real popular for commuters


            Dino, I remember the road, and the racing. 😀 😀 Never brought a car there, but road over several dozen times with different guys from Beacon. One guy with a 67 Impala 427, even had a xmas tree that you slid down over the radio antenna and plugged into the cigarette lighter!! Man, they were the days!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

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