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    My first “real” race car was “the Tallman”, a 53′ Chevy Business Coupe. I bought the ex-telephone company car (less engine) from a guy in Hawthorn NY and my friend Pat Smith (also a Dover competitor) & I flat towed the car to my parents house in Fishkill one chilly night with a chain. United Rental must have been closed or I didn’t have enough $ to rent a tow bar. The car was a metallic green color and I hand painted the name “the Tallman” only on the drivers side because this was the side the spectators would see! I built a 108HP 235CI “stock” 6 cylinder for the car for NHRA stock class (N and then O) in my friend Doug Smith’s parents basement. I used a stock 3 speed tranny with a Hurst Syncro-Loc shifter and a stock (torque tube) rear end from a 49′ Chevy. The stock 49′ rear had 4:11 gears in it. I built my first set of tube headers – 4 into 1 – since the early Chevy six had 2 siamesed exhaust ports. I ran cheater slicks. The car was slow, in the 17-18 second range, but was fast enough to trophy about a dozen times and take home some Dover bucks at least three times in 65′.

    I sold the car to Mike McDermott from Beacon NY in 66′ for about $800 after Doug Smith and I built and started racing the original “Six-Fiend” F/MP 57′ Chevy. Then I lost track of the 53′ stocker when I went in the Navy in Oct. 66. BTW Mike McDermott’s wife, Wendy, worked at the top-end handing out time slips.

    The problem is I don’t even have one picture of the car so I would like some help tracking down a picture or two and possibly what happend to the car. Help!!

    PS: I don’t have any pictures of the car but here are a few time slips. Notice the one on the right is dated Nov 7 1965, exactly 44 years to the day before the DoverDragStip reunion at Island last weekend! 😀


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    THAT…Is incredible -to the DAY ! OK Guys the search is on> Dover CSI …Your Mission -Find a photo Of the Metallic Green ’53 Chevy…As always -if you or your DDS CSI team are caught or captured…..the director will disavow any knowledge of your mission ..Good Luck…this post will self distruct in 10 seconds.

    …..searched the ODF Galleries …No luck

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