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    just got this great e-mail to share with ya ! :

    “Dear Dino:

    Saw the article in Hot Rod Deluxe, very nice! It brought back a great memory from 1962, when I was waiting to turn 16!
    Walt Pasco lived in the upstairs apt. @ my folks house, and kept his metallic blue B/D in our garage. He invited me to go to Dover with him and his partner. I was thrilled! The tow vehicle was a brand new 1962 Chev Impala.
    In addition to watching him run, and I think take Jr. ? eliminator, an A/D flipped over on the banking and kept running! It sucked up rocks into the injector scoop and spit pieces out the zoomies!
    The biggest thrill though, was when I was walking back down the return road. A Corvette pulled up and the female driver asked if I wanted a lift back to the pits? That was my introduction to Shirley Muldowney!
    I think Walt still lives in the Pittsfield, MA area. His wife and he ran a picture framing shop there. Walt is a noted watercolor artist.”

    Rich Rollins

    *Dover CSI : Find WALT

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    Hey, I’ll be driving through Pitsfield ,Mass. next Thursday on the way to Ponawl,Vt.,Maybe I can find that shop of his!!


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    Rich sent this correcting himself (thought so ):

    Thanks for the posting. Since my old memory is better than my current one, the article actually can be found in the current news stand issue of a “Dragracing magazine”. God bless your Thanksgiving.

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