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        Everyone remembers Danbury House of Speed &
        our own Paul Galvin, here are pictures of his latest
        finished vehicle. It’s Pauls FED with 2 409’s, he designed & built the FED, I forgot the shop he did the building at, as you can see one is blown the other injected and yes they are connected. Thought the group might like these. That is his daughter Caroline on the right side in the gray sweats. She usto race Jr. dragsters, watch out Paul you might be her crew chief again.
        FYI Paul is co founder of NETO with Tiny Eglit.

        Bobby Schlegel

        (ready dino start singing 🙁 she’s real fine,,,,,,)




            Why would you run one with and one without a blower…??? Anybody care to enlighten me on that. Ivo did that once with his Buicks.


                Maybe the idea is with the air being sucked in by the 6-71 blower
                OVER the injected engine in front of the blown moter the created horsepower is the same,,,, OR

                I do not have a clue, guess it’s done to make people wonder??
                it got you thinking 🙂


                    Paul JUST JOINED ODF! …and I had a great talk on the phone with Him….gonna get daughter Carolineto help “Dad” figure out navigating…. Another Competitor for The Oct 18 “Nostalgia Drags ” !!!


                        HEY HEY PAULIE: WOW some Dragster…should call it Paulie’s 818…like to hear about the engineering of this head scratching eye catching Monster…just don’t use any High Tech words…whats your race schedule this season…Dino was looking for you…Great your here at ODF—–Tommy


                            HEY Paulie + Caroline….Thanks for the Great Tour of the 818 last night at Marcus…Very Impressive…latest additions are aluminum YES aluminum 409 heads…helmet phone for Caroline so Dad can back seat drive…easier than putting in a back seat ❓ …yes Caroline is taking over…just turned 10.5 on one motor with half thottle 😀 …shes ready…
                            put the other motor back in Dad ❗


                                here’s 2 pictures from saturdays
                                test & tune at Lebanon Valley
                                Caroline ‘s have a great time in the drivers seat,
                                still can’t get the SMILE 😀
                                off Pauls face with her driving now,

                                Bobby S.



                                    HEY Bobby S….WOW…Great Shots…Caroline sitting in 818 aTrophy Winner…keepum coming 😀
                                    HEY V Bob…. 💡 its Video Time

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