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      you know back in the 60s 70s drag strips was much more fun. stated going to dover-south glen falls-island-pocono drag lodge-pocono interenational that was ran at the track running the 500 today. have my i/s class winner jacket on the day beat carmen rotondas record holding vett with my 61 vett. you know guys helped each other out and you drove the car today most point and electronicas do the rest. places like englishtown are for big buck guys not back yard. thank god for island dragway has not changed much from the 60s. thats where i run mostly these days. miss class and headsup racing. car won most with a 68 stang 1st as a p/pure stocker then a gasser. favor it hard to call either my 63 and 1/2 427 ford or 61 406 powered ford starliner or 63 421 2-4 4 speed poncho gp. miss my 409 62 chevys also. also ran mopar 413 426 440 340 60s cars i loved. at heart ford/mopar guy. there is a pocono drag lodge reunion ion the works something ive wanted for years hope it goes off and lots of guys go. pdl will always be 1st in my heart won 1st trophy there only one ive keep all theses years. love the site helps people see how much funny dover and drag racing was back then and should be today. forgot conn dragway and other funny place. you know hell getting old. you know the reunion is funny but should be more of them for old racers to get togeather. thanks billy the kidd bender.

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        thekidd312……You just brought back another long gone memory. You had a ’62 409!!
        I can remember going to the Chevy dealership in 1962 to buy a 409 hp 409 4 speed but after all the arguing he still wanted $2500. I thought that was too much. I sure wish I had that choice again.

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          Check out the NEW topics in BENCH RACING !

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            Hi Guys- I’m organizing a reunion at the Pocono Drag lodge; so far looks good for having the event at the old strip in Bear Creek, Pa, 6 miles from Wilkes-Barre and I-81, easy 3 hr drive. Anyone who is interested please email or call me and I’ll put you on the mailing list. As soon as I get the official blessing from the Township I’ll be meeting with the track owner to nail down the specifics, and willl have a brainstorming meeting with anyone who’s interested, meeting place will be someplace in the Scranton/ W-B area. Town to discuss the event jan 6. Any help would be appreciated; sponsors ($$$ ) too!! Thanks

            Charlie Hulsizer
            Pleasant Valley, NY
            h: 845-635-3662
            Cell: 845-802-6841

            PS- we will be having a DJ. we will be repainting/ re lettering the sign on whats left of the tower, artifacts like the weigh scale will be accessible for viewing etc!!!


            one more PS- thanks Dino for letting me use your site for a shameless plug!!! C. 😆

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              We’ll use your reunion for a shameless plug for us! We’ll send some Forum reps. to put out some propaganda. I’m Sure there were a bunch of Pocono Guys that visited Dover one time or another . Racers got around !

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