ROCKET STORE IN Poughkeepsie? anyone remember?

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      Was on Academy St. now probably an ‘arterial”..sold other stuff ,like a general Store, M&M Rich said..But had Speed Equip. ?

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        I think the kid ran a Street Stock out at Middletown once in a while, although I could be wrong. 😮 😮 😮

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          The guy that ran the store back in our time (1970-1973) was Stu Burns, till I hired him. He then ran the M&M Kingston store. After that the owner son ran it I belive, don’t remember his name (Paul?).
          Did you ever get my PM?

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            I might be bumping some of these posts. as i read thru them, I moved to Fishkill from Dobbs Ferry in 1980, and had a 68 Camaro I use to buy my hot rod stuff there, they had a good selection of speed stuff and also they had a case with all the photos of guys cars that bought stuff there, i thought that was cool.. The guy Matt who i always delt with handled all that hi performance stuff and had a pretty nice 70 Chevelle himself, Matt now owns Hudson River Truck & Trailer

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