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        I think I remember the names of the guys in that picture. L to R, Norman Baker, Mike McDermott(me), Dave Laffin, Tommy Nuchitellie(spelled wrong Im sure),the guy kneeling is Charlie something I think,his car is behind us,Lou Scalpi, and Duke Rosner. We were all class winners several times. 😮 😮 😆 😆

        ………………..See Here http://www.doverdragstrip.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1855


            Is S.D.T.A. same as Duchess Racing Association ? or two differant gruops ?


                Dino, the Southern Dutchess Timing Association was a car club in Beacon, N.Y. with about ten or twelve pretty active members. Im not sure if it was an NHRA sanctioned club or not. The Dutchess Racing Association was an NHRA sanctioned club located in Wappinger Falls N.Y. ,right behind Six Fiends VPS machine shop. At one time, Iwas honored to be elected President of the club. Mikey(Mike McDermott).

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