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      Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the Saratoga Auto Museum, Saratoga, N.Y., will host a discussion and exhibit on past area racing. The event will be Nov. 29, check their site for info. I’ve talked to a past SGF and Fonda racer, who will bring his photo albums to exhibit as well. This will turn into a re-union of sorts, I know a lot of the capital district racers would run at Dover, and vice-versa! If anyone has SGF action shots, please post, thanks and keep the memories alive, Jim.

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        Hey Brian here I have a old trophy from so Glens falls won in 1965 if you want it. It’s in good shape too. Brian M.

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          i ran l/s with a 1964 corvair convert in 1964, i only live 50 miles from there on lake champlain

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            Gees! Brian, a trophy, way cool! I’ll bet you won it running against Shirley and Jack Muldowney too! Like I could have ever won a trophy, being a snot nosed kid fresh out of high school in 1963, luckily I had many friends who worked and had nice rides, who would frequent the strip on Sundays. Loved the relaxed atmospere there, that’s when you could remove your air cleaner, open your exhaust cut outs, lower the pressure on your Atlas bucrons and have fun! Again I see many pics of Dover, but not much published on SGF, anywhere, so if anyone has any, please publish, thanks all! Jim (

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