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        I’m Don Carson. Born (1949) & raised in Poughkeepsie, I had a ’67 Dodge R/T that I ran at Dover several times. (ANYBODY HAVE ANY PICS? PLEASE) It was maroon with black vinyl top, ran stock class in ’68.
        My dad and I had the Gulf gas station at Rt 44&55 for a couple of years (1969-71) before the arterial hyw was built. I had a ’69 Mach one red after that and ran that at Lebanon. Presently live in Janesville Wi and had not raced since 1970, This year I bought a ’71 Dodge Demon pro class car and am back racing (yeah at 59 yrs young) I may be getting old but I don’t have to grow up!.
        I have such fond memories of Dover. My dad and I used to go on opening day driving from Poughkeepsie over Blueberry Hill through the scenic farmlands I can almost smell the drum brakes getting hot as we made our way there. My greatest memories are of Doc Burgess and the Black Arrow. That was my favorite car. I have the Jenkins 1/18 die cast that I would really want to convert it to Docs. My wife and I just finished our ’64 Dodge 330 2-dr post sedan max wedge clone. What a blast, we went to the Mopar nats with it this year. I have wanted to attend the Dover reunion for some time now but with all that I have done this money and vacation time got tight.
        Below are a couple of pics of my current cars. I will be joining the Dover group and I have a few b&w negs I will get scanned and send in. I don’t have any pics of my R/T racing.

        Great to be here!
        Thanks! Don

        WELCOME DON !…Took the liberty of resizing your photo’s for easy reading/viewing…We have plenty of info on Black Arrow ,if you have plenty of time to browse the forum….type in Black Arrow in search feature(Top right of page), hit enter key on keyboard and stand back! (edit-dino)


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