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        Had a few guys mention this Shop…..Lets have some info ,photos and cars sponsored .


            Hi Guys,

            Speed King was on 3rd in Mt Vernon. It was a Strauss Auto Store run by a guy named Marty and his brother. I forgot there last name. This was back in the 1960’s. I worked in Performance Plus on South Broadway in Yonkers, Ny and we would pick up parts from them from time to time. They were real nice people.

            Andy Panessa


                I used to shop there. I bought my first set of headers (Kustom) from them for my 70 torino 351C. Got the headers in and the power steering wouldn’t fit back up. I had to return them and wait a couple of months for Headers by Doug Thorley. The kustom headers misfit were not the fault of Speed King, Kustom headers just suck!


                    Wow, Marty from Speed King……..Now there is a blast from the past…………..Don Kauer

                    Debra M

                        Speed King was owned by Marty and his partner Jack. They were NOT brothers. They opened in 1957 on the corner of 3rd St and 3rd Ave in Mount Vernon. The building burned down sometime around February 1976. They moved around the corner onto 4th Avenue. They eventually closed in 1989 or early 1990. Marty passed away in October 1990. (He was my father). Speed King was an AID Auto Store but they specialized in speed equipment. Think Holly carburetors and Thrush mufflers among other stuff.

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