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    Had a few guys mention this Shop…..Lets have some info ,photos and cars sponsored .

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    Hi Guys,

    Speed King was on 3rd in Mt Vernon. It was a Strauss Auto Store run by a guy named Marty and his brother. I forgot there last name. This was back in the 1960’s. I worked in Performance Plus on South Broadway in Yonkers, Ny and we would pick up parts from them from time to time. They were real nice people.

    Andy Panessa

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    I used to shop there. I bought my first set of headers (Kustom) from them for my 70 torino 351C. Got the headers in and the power steering wouldn’t fit back up. I had to return them and wait a couple of months for Headers by Doug Thorley. The kustom headers misfit were not the fault of Speed King, Kustom headers just suck!

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    Wow, Marty from Speed King……..Now there is a blast from the past…………..Don Kauer

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