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        Hi All,

        I’ve attached this Article from newspaper yesterday. This is what my team and I have been working on so diligently for several months.
        Our start up venture which we began last year, So-Komp, never had much of a chance in this current economic climate.
        We closed it’s doors and began looking for the right opportunity and after months of ground work, we are ready to launch. Though technically a start up, we are now part of a larger group of aviation/aerospace business partners that allow us to begin operations with a sizable tooling contract as well as long term production contract. We are currently talking to several additional aircraft companies that have expressed an interest in us taking over their composite work load, as well as repair and some nut and bolt type work.
        We will continue to support, and expand, our composite auto and motorcycle racing programs as well.

        The Daily News, Butler Co. Ky. October 30, 2009

        In the midst of high unemployment, Butler County has landed some new jobs as a start-up company locates in Morgantown.
        Blackhawk Composites, which manufactures aerospace parts, plans to open a production facility in Morgantown. The company will hire up to 30 or 40 workers, invest about $1 million into the business and should be operating by the beginning of 2010, said Gary Smrtic, president and general manager of Blackhawk Composites.
        “I really think that while there’s a general economic downturn, there’s still a very ripe opportunity for companies like us that are small,” he said.
        The company makes composites for aircraft and wants to eventually produce parts for the military, said Bill Smrtic, manager of manufacturing and process for Blackhawk.
        “Aerospace manufacturing is a relatively stable business,” he said. “Generally, the people that can afford aircraft as transportation, the issues that we’re seeing in the economy right now doesn’t seem to affect them near as much.”
        The company will be manufacturing parts for Cessna Caravan, which is a “large-tool contract,” Gary Smrtic said.
        His team also makes performance parts for racing vehicles and upscale cars, such as Ferraris and Dodge Vipers, he said.
        Blackhawk Composites is leasing the old Casco building, Morgantown Mayor Eva Hawes said, which measures about 40,000 square feet. The company is currently renovating and installing equipment. For now, about eight workers are employed at the company, Gary Smrtic said.
        Gary Smrtic has been involved with aerospace for decades – he was a pilot for more than 30 years. He moved to Kentucky from Oklahoma in 2007 to work with Dynastrosi Laboratories, a turbine materials manufacturer.

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