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    Heres our weekly wrap-up…I’m working on the forum —->NEW FORUM HEADING: “FORUM MEMBERS BUSINESS NEWS…lot happening all of a sudden, Thanksgiving, kids out of school, PRI SHOW comimg up …Other Inside Winter things do’in …Keep us posted ! Check out all the action For the DOVER FEST at old Sam’s/Gene’s in Jan. …Starting to Snowball ! AND the Big News we got this week is: Dover REUNION 2009 IS ON ! Smokey & Grover COMMITTED ! THe DRAG RACER Magazine with the Dover Feature is Showing ALL OVER and we’re getting replys from it ! ….Paul B. took the Willys to the track Thurs. to get his license Test., about time , now he should be legal for anyboby..BIG Video project took some major steps forward with new material & ideas coming in…..Christmas orders being recieved ….don’t wait til last minute! Opps- out of Coffee….SO… WHAT DID YOU DO ???

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    Well, bill (stormking2) and I pulled the first of the stretched ’66 Dart fenders from the tool, and Howie posted the results in the current projects section.

    then we made our initial cuts and cleco’d the parts back together so we can bond them this week. I promised my wife I’d not spend all day at the plant, so called it quits at about five hours.

    Now watching Muppet christmas for the first time this season.

    Not exactly the kind of “on my roof and on fire” report I’d like to give.

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    IT was very cold in the North east in CT on sunday, 34 degrees. Finshed blowing the leaves,cleaning the gutters, and then put the trailer in the winter parking spot. to day it was betwee 45 and 50 dergees.
    Bob L.

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