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        How about Terenzio Bros. Racing Engines and Chassis?…ok Dino move this to where it belongs. Gene

        Stamford ,Ct…Home of the Baddest Blown Altereds And The best Pasta ! …..Gene …Besides Your Own Car “The Italian Way”…Who were some of your best performing customers?


            Lets see i built swifty a motor, he ran 8 .50’s with it then he started tuning it 😮

            I cant remember thier name, but we built a AA/A for this guy and I put my motor in it and drove it for him, Ron Dollinger wound up with it, he ran it then sold it, and Iwound up with it, Italian Stallion AA/A 😀

            then there Was a x Sox and Martin pro stock that ran C/A and ran under the record, till they messed with the cam timing 😮


                That was the O’hara bros. from Danbury then they did’nt finsh paying for the car and you took it back and ran it for a few races

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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