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    GOOD place To Tell everyone that some ‘behind the scenes” special People Made the Race a Reality. Sponsors of course…You see them on the shirts-flyers-Event Program-Banners.Most of you know all of them

    Two Woman are to be commended for their “Always There assistance” MY Wife Chris And Rich Marchese’s wife-Becky
    Chris :
    is responsible for much of the design work finalization of all the things we create …Shirt Layout -Decal designs – dash plaques -Printed stuff from flyers to Posters -ads to – whatever we put out for the event. On top of that She and my kids Fold And bag the shirts ..and help with all the preparation to get the ‘Show On The Road”..She is well skilled in our sign shop, taking the load off me, while I work all the event coordination -PR-Press relations and hundreds of phone calls and follow-ups. Still finds time to Run the house, bookeeping and take care of three kids ….My daughter,my son and Me.
    Rich’s wife in Florida holds down two jobs and is THE M&M ‘administrator’…Attending to Rich and the Business needs while Also running the house, allowing Rich & I to be on the phone daily ,from Dec. on… to sort all the event details. Rich couldn’t do that and operate M&M Speed without his Able Bodied supporter…. Becky
    IF IT wasn’t for These Two ….. The Race wouldn’t happen.

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    A big thank you goes out to LVD’s tech. guys. All of them made the event smooth with NO issues. In fact, it made both my days so easy it turned out to be more of a hangout and social thing down at tech in. Also just a general thanks to LVD’s professionalism…it made for an excellent weekend.

    Smitty 😀

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    Dino, Thanks for another memorable event !! I know that there are a lot of support
    personnel behind the scenes that help make the whole program a success ! A BIG “WELL
    DONE” TO ALL OF YOU !!!! So many of us reunited again……Hand shakes and smiles
    everywhere you looked !! 🙂 Once again, a sincere thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Beckey seems to be quite the organizer. When it came time to unload all the stuff we brought to the race that we carried in the motorhome, she had everyone going. All the stuff was unloaded in less than half the time it took to load and she still had time to talk to everyone.

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    I just want to add my kudos to Dino and co.Everything went very smoothly.You always take a chance on August weather in NYS,and we lucked out.We had an off year last year with everything going on in the family,the car saying it had enough at the 2nd annual,and various other snit going on,so this event was ever so sweet.Lebanon really went all out for us and I think made us feel like we are worthy of owning the track for two whole days.Thank you for more great memories.

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    Thanks to all who made this event possible. It was a great event even though we left early on Sunday due to the bad weather forecast and our long ride home to get there in time for work on Monday. Bad call, should have stayed.

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    Hey, I’d like to thank Roger for bringing the “BAD NEWS” pick-up and Bobby for
    bringing the “HELLZAPOPPIN” rail……Both have been restored beautifully !!
    The Dover events would not be the same if these two race cars were not there !!
    Thanks again guys for sharing them with all of us………..


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    Hay guys,
    this is bill scheriff (I was in the back of staging for the weekend….) I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work for you guys..we the staff had a BLAST!..I wish all the groups were as kind and understanding as you all were…PLEASE come back soon…BTW..the funny old fellow in the 33 willys was the hit of my weekend…I went out and got a pair of suspenders so i could be just like him!!!

    (Bill works the staging lanes …sunday had the orange shirt on ….Nice Guy…pleasure to meet him-edit Dino)

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    Oldcarguy,I think your refering to Paul Bayarinas,with the Dover ‘tribute’ 34 Willys AA/GS,wearing suspenders.Once of the ‘nicest’ guys (and family) you’d want to know;and I am ‘very’ lucky and proud to call him my ‘good’ friend! He and his family,put there ‘heart and soul’ into building street rods.and drag cars.Both Paul and his son Vince,have alot of the ‘ole’ school talents when building ‘hot-rods’.There theory,don’t cut corners,build it ‘right’ the first time,and build it safe! P.S. Besides being a wonderful lady,Paul’s wife Linda,always helps Dino with Dover items he has for sale;not only that,she’s one heck of a cook!!!!

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    Hey Guys and Gals,
    I appreciate all the kudos you have given me. I have never been involved with such a great bunch of people who make all the work seem like fun. I asked people to help and they all jumped in and did what needed to be done without any grumbling. Thanks to all who helped. I am really looking forward to next year…hopefully I will be 100% by then so I can do even more. 😉
    The BIGGEST thanks goes to Dino because without his vision for this event none of this would have been possible. 😀
    See you all next year
    Mrs. M & M

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    Guys …Its the lady’s behind the Scenes…Linda B. (Pauls Wife) worked non-stop the whole weekend at the Goodie Booth…and boy can she cook Too! THANK YOU MRS.B for Your now Three years of dedcation….’oldcarguy’….we’ll be back and I’m making xxxLarge shirts of the event by popular demand …one has your name on it !

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    by oddjob on Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:47 pm

    Just a quick note to say THANKS to all the people that put on a GREAT weekend show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Some e-mails I’ll post em as I get Them

    Well Hello There Dino,
    I would one just like to say that I have really had a wonderful weekend at Lebanon Valley Dragway. The Dover Reunion was a really wonderful idea to do it. I wish you all the luck in years to come with future events. It was wonderful that so many guys/girls were able to get together & race again. Please advise us of any further racing events so we can attend them. I again, would also like to personally thank you for stopping on the side of Rte 22 in the pouring rain to ask if we were all right after racing all weekend. We really appreciate it kindly & wanted to shout a Special Thanks Out to You for That. That is what a racing family is all about. Well you take care, well see you soon.

    The Mustang Murphy Family,
    Joe & Leslie Murphy

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    Quick note to congratulate you on the Dover event at Lebanon Valley. Those two crashed on Saturday were amazing, and I enjoyed the reference to flagging when the tree was out of commission.

    Keep me in mind for next year and whatever I can do for you. I will drop a thank-you note to the reporter at the Berkshire Eagle.

    Keep the greasy side down.

    Rick Howland

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    Great seeing you & hearing your voice over PA. I was with Lee Valentine in the pits on Sunday when you were making an announcement, I looked @ Lee & said , “did we just experience a time warp”?, it was 1965 all over again, and we were in the pits at Dover !!!! thanks for the memories.

    Kind regards,
    Kenny Menz

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