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        I said it already…but the Forum is working as a ‘vehicle” to get the “Dover Dudes” together all over the place. From Florida with Mikey And Blake going to the track to the Super Pumpkin project in Conn. with Shimer-Kauer-Riley & Carrol. Then theres the TomatoHead -Tommy D hook-up ….Brian and the Kingston Komandoes….all over you guys are helping each other in all ways from just PM & e-mail corespondence to traveling together to shows/ races and actually working and building project cars….Think its great how it all worked out. Helping and caring -the way we did in the Dover Pits-meeting new people and giving a Racer-friendly hand. Even the support for those in need and health issues has lifted up so many.Who would have thought it would evolved to what it has ! So saying that …lets hear from the differant ‘groups’ and connections that have happened and what you’re up to lately .Who found who to do what? ‘Dover Dude Squads” —check -in !

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