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        Bobby jr. and Dom In Rockingham NOW prepping BOTH cars to Run IHRA race here. Both will drive ! Dad to arrive soon as ‘Team Tech advisor’. They had Real good Time Last visit Here getting no.2 qualfying spot .Bobby Jr. said on phone ,they’re “ready To Rock the ‘Rock'”. I will be with them …trusty Video Camera in hand ,to get it all down. And will get some other photos too!


            No top Fuel Run was made today …quote from :
            ROCKINGHAM, N.C. —
            ‘A passing shower at just the right moment has put a halt to Friday’s opening day of competition at the IHRA World Finals at Rockingham Dragway just moments from the beginning of the evening session.’


                ITS POURING HERE ! lots a luck drying the track When-If it stops…. DragRaceCentral just posted this:

                ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – 1:03 p.m. Mother Nature just threw us another curve ball as the line of weather that has been stretching from New York to the Gulf of Mexico is now moving eastward through Rockingham.
                Once this narrow band gets past us, the weather should start improving and should be good for the rest of both events.
                However, right now it’s downright unpleasant. No telling yet how long this will last or when racing will resume.
                When racing does resume, ( THE TRACK HAS TO BE DRYED !!!) we will finish the interrupted second round of Super Rod eliminations, then go into the Professional qualifying session originally scheduled for 2 and 3 p.m.(?)
                ……………………Rockingham not the best to clean up[ quick-parts of pits have a habit of flooding….Dino


                    Sun just came out …Never ran a First T/F qualifying …looks like they will get one shot at it
                    ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – 5 p.m. – Track drying is nearing completion and race officials hope to resume racing between 5:30 and 6 p.m.


                        It gets Stanger every Day ! Lagana In Top 5 But Catch this :

                        “ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – 10:53 a.m. Cold track temperatures and a resulting lack of traction brought eliminations in the Sportsman Nationals to a halt this morning.
                        Racing began shortly after 9 a.m., as scheduled, interrupted by a finish-line accident in Quick Rod. Prior to that interruption, traction was not an issue.

                        When racing resumed following about a half-hour cleanup, two pairs of Quick Rod cars and one pair of Top Sportsman cars experienced obvious traction problems around half track.

                        The problem is apparently caused by the cold racing surface.

                        In the interest of safety, the remainder of both the Sportsman Nationals and the World Finals will be run at the eighth-mile distance.” ……..EIGHTH MILE ? Top fuel first round at 2 today…Boy, I bet there’s a Bunch of people Ticked off now


                            Just In :

                            Bobby Jr. Wins first Round…Dom Loses

                            “Lagana is solidly third in points for the season and gets a free pass to the semifinals here because King grenaded the engine last night and does not have enough pieces and parts to replace it. The free pass was a blessing for Lagana, who was up in smoke almost immediately after a stout launch.”
                            Remember…Running1/8 mile

                            SECOND ROUND:
                            Todd Paton WINNER 3.263 220.66 to 4.367 106.50 Bobby Lagana Jr

                            This was a good race for the first couple hundred of feet. Lagana popped his blower at about 350, deploying the chutes. At about the same time Paton’s engine disintegrated into a toxic looking cloud of yellowish smoke. He trails fire across the finish line but the blaze quickly flickered out.
                            Paton will meet Litton in the final assuming he has parts to continue.?????


                                This is A just found Video From Spring 2009 at Rock….At about .35 seconds in -you’ll see ME ! with My video Camera on the line ! I’m the guy in White And Purple ‘crew shirt ‘
                                The music is UGH


                                    And the Day goes downhill at Rockingham Again….:

                                    ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – 4:34 p.m. We just had out third major oildown during Professional eliminations and are still in the third round of eliminations for the Champion System Sportsman National Series.
                                    The Tournament of Champions will be run on Monday.

                                    Race officials still plan to finish the Sportsman National race today, along with the Summit Super Series (two rounds left) and the Summit Allstars race (three rounds left), along with —->the World Finals Professional categories.(Top Fuel)


                                        Latest DragRaceCenral Update:

                                        “To a lot of people’s surprise, Paton got everything back together after his serious shake and bake last round.
                                        The lights have just come on and we’re looking into another beautiful Carolina sunset.
                                        Both cars strike the tires at 100 feet; Litton’s pedal job works while Paton’s doesn’t.
                                        Litton adds another notch to the many already on his belt”.

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