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    Ron Howland …Has 2 Face Book pages to honor the old Lark Car Hop in Danbury. Site of many a Pairing Up to race at “The Bridge”

    Ron Remembers…..This is the famous “Lark Car Hop” of Danbury Ct where the fastest cars, the quickest drivers, and the craziest Hot Rodders in the state, created the wildest memories ever.
    “In 1967 on an any given night at the Lark there was a good chance you would have seen my undefeated 1967 Camaro. IE Louie Solly rode with me when I gave Fat Jeff’s D/SS Mopar the jump and beat him out by the prison. Louie always encouraged me to run for the money at at Dover Dragstrip but I was just a street bum I guess. Dover for me was to watch the really big boys run.One night Wes Bunns struck up a race with his Black 63 Chevy 300hp 327 and after looking at each others engines Wes and his cousin went home to put on slicks and loosen the headers. 20min later they reappeared but now with a 425hp 409 under the hood. Him and his cousin had a pit and a hoist and they were team fast and so was the car. Wes was working at Dan Ridge at the time. Oh guess who won the race?”


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