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    While looking in my NETO pictures
    I’m sending 2 pictures of Clem LaChance
    “The Mad Frenchman” not sure if he will be back from
    Canada for the reunion. The Frenchman runs 10.60 et with the
    Ford 300+ci 6 cylender, it has Clems home made intake with Webers
    and trick valve system he made also. Enjoy,

    Bobby Schlegel


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    Who named Clem “the Mad Frenchman” I think I did . But not sure. I remember naming some cars-drivers…and the names stuck. Like Al DiAngelis “Mystery Willys”. Did that cause it wasn’t lettered and ‘Was A mystery!” Then he eventually put that on the doors.Called Drake Viscome :”Mr. Four Speed”. then there was “the Draggin’ School Teacher” … and a few more… how’s YOUR memory?.

    • Total Posts: 11491
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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