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    These pics are of my first race car, a 1953 Chevy Business Coupe, formerly owned by Pat Hennebery(Six Fiend). The car was a good learning experience for me, and I had a lot of fun with it. Ran it one season in U/Stock, then went with a bigger 6 cylinder, and changed the car to open drive, which put me in the /Gas Classes. I had a ton of fun, and some success as a Stocker, and a Gasser, learned a lot, and made some friends, some of which I still have. The two pics of the Chevy were from 1968, my Dad towed me to Dover and Englishtown, because i was only 15, no license! The other picture is the first Club I belonged to in Beacon, N.Y.
    ………………Mikey 😮 😯 😆


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