the "Prussian" CHIP ZELLNER checks in !

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    You remember the ’64 Gold vette ?…’The Prussian’ ! Chip…(the Racin’ Schoolteacher) sent in his ODF application and is alive and well in Sherman,Ct. …Still has the car! ,ran from ’65-’70. Even won C/SP at ’68 Spingnationals at Raceway park. Best time at Dover : 11:6 @ 121 mph .Engine gave out in early ’70 and so did the funds to rebuild. But didn’t sell it …By ’87 she was runnin again, with correct block. KEPT all the Win Decals on it too ! Hey …whats he doing now? Well, he actually has a 16 piece “Big Band” for concerts,dances And parties 😯 omp-paa anyone ?


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    How KOOL is that 😉
    WELCOME to the ODF family
    mayby a show/display car for Oct.18th 💡
    thanks Chip for keeping more fun memories alive
    for all the rest of us to enjoy,

    don’t want to take V-Bob’s intro 😆 😆 🙄

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