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      Hi guys,
      Love the site,me and Mrs.Noise are headin up to The States from little ol New Zealand in August this year.We will be spendin most of our time in So-Cal but also going to Infinion,Reno,Bonneville.Got any tips for a couple of serious petrolheads?

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        Have a safe trip!!
        I went to Australia two times for R n’R during my time in the University of Vietnam 69-70!!!
        I live in Connecticut but have been to the Winter Nationals in Pomona !!
        Never been to the salt flats or the others you mentioned!!
        Be very carefull if you are renting a car in the states!!LOL!!
        Hope you enjoy your stay in the states!!
        Drop a line after the trip and let us know how you did!!


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          Noise-Boy!…Get ahold of our Left Coast “operative”…Randy Fish(Editor-Drag Racer Magizine).HE CAN GIVE YOU all the right places to hit and save you time searching….Museums,events,shops,BEACH! California can be confusing (land of fruits &nuts)and LA & SoCal , is a bit BIG to cover, compared to your little Island in the sun. Bring empty duffle for all the “goodies” you’ll collect 😀

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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