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    Once again …For eveyone with a video or camera…We’ll “Do The Time Warp” . Parade right before the Funny Cars kick off the Eliminations about 1 pm Sunday…leading The Parade Will be this years Grand Marshall >>> SKIP NORTH! Skip was a fixture at Dover from it’s early days right up through the closing year. He first drove some doorslammers first, then Built what would become “T for TWO”, a square rollbar T bucket altered. A one time President Of the Fairfield Timing Assoc. He joined the Club when it started in 1957. He continued to run ‘T for Two ‘while campaigning his “Soul Sauce” C/D. Then came a longer wheelbase C’/D and finishing up with a former Ed Pink Car with a Hemi he called “Mother”. In the 70’s Skip Moved to Millerton just to be close to the Track. He currently maintains Skip Barbar’s personal ‘fleet” of Classic Cars. Dover All the Way For Sure. There every sunday and The Guy to count on for just about anything.

    NEW Twist to This Years parade….Lead cars will be Dover Originals …BUT… Followed By Original DOVER DRIVERS in their Current Racer. 1/8th mile then double back to the staging lanes while the Funny cars do first round…Wave to crowd and comb your hair!

    ……………Here’s “SKIP” in the First “Soul Sauce”…yup still has the “Merc”-Buick powered.


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    Very happy to see Skip as the grand marshal . No one deserves it more than him!

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