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        just got this e-Mail;

        Dear Dino;
        My name is Tony Barbin,I have a vhs tape copy of black and white 8mm movies taken at Dover approx. 1965 or 1966 or so.They were taken by Art Solhem (The percolator II “C” Dragster) Art has passed now, but made me this VHS tape as a gift because we both enjoyed racing so much. I raced at Dover with whatever “clunker” I was driving,joined the
        Fairfield Timing Association for about a year or so before entering the Navy in 1969.
        By the time I returned ,sadly, Dover was a memory. Subsequently,I took up motorcycle drag racing and competed on a National level with some success(2) top ten plates in an organization called I.D.B.A (International Drag Bike Association.) I still love it and still compete.If you would like to see my VHS tape,it’s pretty long w/many cars people might recognize.It’s pretty cool.E-mail me if you have any interest and I will cooperate any way I can in memory of my good friend Art Solhem…he was a great guy and a great racer.
        Best Regards, Tony Barbin

        Tony is sending his Film!…More Never Seen stuff !

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