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    Never had a trailer of any sort,always ‘flat-towed’ with a tow bar (driveshaft and slicks removed),any ‘spare’ change went towards the race car expenses. Always had someone in race car when towing,assist you with braking,and yes,stop and signal lights were hooked up to race car too.Nowadays,it’s a whole ‘new’ story with safety in mind!

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    Due to the cold weather up here in the north country I have been spending a lot of time in the garage. While changing the engine in the 68 I needed some pulleys and other parts so I started unpacking boxes. I moved up north after retiring three years ago and still haven’t unpacked all the boxes of car, motorcycle and boat parts yet and came across these. Here are the free wheeling hubs I used on the Nova to tow to Dover. I used the wheel spacers to clear the long wheel studs on the rear axles. My parents house was on a hill so when I came home from Dover I would pull up the street unhook tow bar and roll back into the driveway which was also a hill as far as the car would roll with the free wheeling hubs still on. I would then go down to the service station where I worked and get the tow truck with a push plate on front and push the car up the driveway into the garage. Finding the hubs brough back a lot of memories of flat towing to Dover and after Dover closing towing to Englistown & Island, most admit none were very good. Flat towing wasn’t bad, but stopping ???????.


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    Oh yeah, Mr. Clustergear, I also remember the experiences of flat towing my “55 Chevy
    to Dover and surrounding tracks. And boy are you right about stopping the race car ❗
    Sometimes my tow car was lighter than the “55 and would get that unwanted push going
    down hills and approaching stop lights or signs. We finally put someone in the race car to
    assist in steering and braking while being towed. 😆 Can’t do that today ❗ 😆 Good
    memories though ❗

    Frank… 😎

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    Frank Maiolo Told Us At The Dover FaceBook page:
    “Here is a little Dover tidbit ,when you flat towed up to Dover with a tow bar and went over the scales to get weight and to determine your class you cranked the wheel of the tow car to transfer all the weight on the race car ,making it seem the race car weighed more and thereby got put in a better class.”

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    Had to Find Frank after his funny story…He runs a Security business in Southern Westchester and Still active in Drag Racing. He related HE bought Tom Iorizzos Camaro….has lost track of where or who got it after him.Thinks he heard it was crashed on the street. When He took it apart ,there where Sewer manhole covers for weight inside the doors. Hey …you can’t make this stuff up!


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    we flat towed ourer 61 vett I/Stocker went big time we also had free wheeling hubs. back then if you had a trailer you had money and if you had a ramp truck you had big bucks. most weekend racers drove to and from track. but you know i thing everone had more fun back then. i may not see it but at the way smll tracks are going soon only big ones will be and the weekend warrior will be gone cost to much. case in mind with Island Dragway gone you know abunch of racers will quit because of cost to tow far away. Boy wish could bring back OLD DAYS. thanks Billy The Kidd Bender

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