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        Check this out ….http://www.driveadragster.com/ These are the guys that run Cen-Pen Speed Shop in Pa, and Build Front Motor Nostalgia Dragsters:

        I like their attitude!’
        heres a quote from their website :
        “OUR GOAL WAS SIMPLE: We wanted to bring back the glory days of drag racing when front engine dragsters were KING and you didn’t need a house mortgage to race. We were sick and tired of seeing $30,000-$50,000 cars being built that only the few could afford. My personal car is built with a Small Block Ford (yeah we love Fords) Powerglide, 9 inch rear with 35 spline axles and spool, drum brakes, spoke laced front wheels and Slotted window rear wheels. My budget was $15,000.00 with all NEW parts except rebuilt motor. We have over 50 passes on it and have run a best of 9.90s at over 140 mph. All with a stock 302 with injection added putting out under 300 hp.”
        ………………..Maybe we can get them to Put our Nostalgia Drags on their Drive A Dragster Schedule!


            Dino that’s a great idea they could ODF’s a special discount for the weekend.

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