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        My friend Pat ran this speed shop in Fishkill in the mid 70’s. From time to time I would help him out and I recall one night a fellow came in with an M-21 four speed that he had attempted to install the Mr.Gasket syncro rings. The tranny was all in pieces and he was at wits end. I enjoyed doing trannies, (learning the hard way), and together we reassembled it. He told me he had a friend that was having some tranny problems with noise. So he brings in an almost new M-22 Crash Box tranny. i explain to him that the noice isue was indicative of the design. He calls me at home a few weeks later and says he bought a T-10 to replace it and if I wanted he would give me the old one. So I got a new M-22 for nothing. It was the only piece of equipment on any of my cars that didn’t self destruct.


            Hi Paul, it’s Mikey. Do you remember me? I bought those tow hubs from you way back when, and then bought your Red Chevelle, 68 or 69, can’t remember. I went out to see Barry Ortiz with you once for something you were getting from him.
            Mikey(Mike) McDermott 😆


                Paul….Already Here:

                ………….Scroll down to bottom right of page of ANY heading and see the little Page Boxes …Speed Shops has THREE pages…this was on page 2

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