Vanke’s Cuda on Ebay for One Million

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        DINO,,’il professore di colore’,,
        The bidding is starting at $1,100,000 😮
        Only 11 days and 13 more hours to complete your bid…
        Here’s the true story, the original Arlon Vanke (and famous) 68′ Cuda which won the
        68′ NHRA Nationals (Indy, 9/68), burned to the ground in 1970…
        The car being sold, is the one that Arlon Vanke used for NHRA-legal races. It was bought as a secondary car,,and only raced by Arlon thru-1969. It was sold by Arlon in late 69′,,without
        the engine. The car being sold did win the 1969 AHRA Winternationals at BeeLine, Arizona..SS/B championship round win 10.74 @ 129..The car being sold was restored by
        South Carolina Mopar restorer Le Hodge;,, Hodge Restorations, Inman, South Carolina.
        Thats the stuff,,,’they don’t tell you’…Just like the ‘carnys’ at Barrett-Jackson..
        What you really end up buying,,is an original car that has been restored/repainted, without the original engine and drivetrain,,,or to put it simply,,$1,100,000 for a VIN-tag 🙁
        They didn’t even get the wheels correct on this ‘For Sale’ car, Arlon used Fenton wheels, the flat-spoke type, not the curved-spoke on the Cragars,,,,GEEZ,,Can’t anyone get a MOPAR correct,,,,Where’s Bill (SK2) or Gary (SK1) when you need them 😀
        Paul,,,,Dino, you would make a much better announcer/emcee than anyone Barrett-Jackson
        could throw up there on the ‘podium’. 🙂

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          Wish I was There when they Sold Von Dutch stuff…Way under bid on his bus…Nobody cared. Reminds me the time when the “Shiesters” ,artificially jacked the prices on classic mustangs in the 80’s and got caught. Bunch got together ,and kept raising the prices ,until a bunch of appraisers blew the whistle on them.

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            Ahh, Von Dutch, I love his work but I have zero artistic ability. My son on the other hand, has a lot of t-shirts with Von Dutch drawing on them and can duplicate the flying eye.

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              Mecum auction just sold a 1968 Hemi DART, ORGINAL FACTORY CAR COMPLETLY RESTORED WITH NO RACE HISTORY, SOLD FOR $ 165,000

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                Hey, Why not?????? Ray Allens S/S car went for over a Mil……….These guys are giving it a shot ….Good luck to them………..Don……….

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                  But at the last auction 2009 Ray Allen’s Chevelle sold for about $230,000.00 thats the truth. The late Frank Cali claimed he knew all about the car and it wasn’t the same one that ran in the 70s.


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                    The last time I saw it run was at a Div.1 points meet….It was called the Tape Pedaler and the owner was Claude Urivig…………That was the car I saw go for over a Mil…Frank Iaconio told me that was Rays original car…………Don…

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