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        I am curious if the Vics Bros Willys pickup truck 1939 in the pictures was purchased in NY. I built one Identical to this many years ago.
        I had a custom short bed made for it at Juniper Elbow Metal works in Middle Village NY and put on the same trailer fenders it had a full glass nose, Pontiac rear with 617 gears. Ran it for a short while then sold it to two brothers and so many years down the line I cannot remember the name. The cab on mine was not chopped but the short bed & fenders nose look identical.
        I would just like to know if it might have been the car I sold.



            Cy …Tell him all about It …Former Kevin Dunn Willys …Kevin has one too …The Orange one .
            Click Here For Cy’s story —–> gotta Look its ALL Here …just a reminder for new guys…USE Search and click on all the topic pages (See: Using The Forum)


                Kevin Dunn purchased this truck way back. It was blue without the chopped top. I don’t remember now where he said he got it from. He chopped the top back in ’67 I believe and painted it yellow. It ran a Hilborn injected SBC when it was blue, then he swapped that out for a Hilborn injected BBC. I’ll try to upload some old pics for you.
                When I got it, there was nothing left to it. It was a cab and chassis basically with no systems at all. I fabricated the bed, rollcage…..just about everything. The Cal Automotive fiberglass doors that Kevin installed are still on it.



                    New Collection came in and had this:



                        A few year’s back,I gave Kevin a photo of his old Willys PU to the guy he sold it to.It retained the yellow color,and was accented with ‘red’ scallops around each body panel. On the doors it was lettered ‘Nat’s Chevron’; on the sides of the hood,it’s name was ‘Gas Master’.It ran A/MP.I believe it’s home track was Westhampton.back in 71-72 (?).I hope this helps with the history of Kevin’s Willys PU…Pete.

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