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        Hi Guys,

        Almost forgot about these tracks. Any of you ever race at Vineland or Flemoington in the ’60s? Vineland was a 1/4 mile track that ran from 1958-1967 and Flemington was a 1/8 mile track , but Flemington was not on the site of the oval speedway. Here is a picture of Bill Lawton and Malcom Durham at Vineland about 1964 or 1965.

        Andy Panessa



            Ya mon,being the track whore I was,
            I ran my ’38 Chev B/G there(Vineland) one time.Didn’t much care for the track.Didn’t seem to be well groomed. 😮
            What I did like though was…….While working at Larsen Ford,there was a truck tech.that had a good reputation for driving midgets.A.J.”Sonny”Madonia from “Da Bronx”(last time I talked to him,he was living near Billy Lagana in Port St.Lucie),anyway,we went down to the track several times.He had no problem in hustling a ride,and he did real good.Almost got me hooked. 💡


                These were real close to home for me. I raced at Vineland some and went to watch also. Went to Flemington
                once spectating. he has pictures racing at vineland on his site.


                    Ran at Flemington the weekend of the 64 season. My dad, girlfriend, & I flat towed down there. Boy was it cold. My girlfriend & I rode in the race car so I could catch it if the wheels didn’t follow in the turns. We liked to froze. I got a trophy for the class, & runner up for stock eliminator. They would spot the slower car out ahead on the track, acording to thier national record. They also had a flagman instead of lights. Dover was like that ( flagman ) when I first started racing. For the final, I had to run a 409 A/S Chevy. I caught him & passed him, but we were having a problem with it breaking up ( engine miss ) on top end. It was bad enough that he got back around me. I had the tach wire on the wrong side of the coil, duh.


                        Hey Bill,

                        Thats a good story. I think most of us at one time or the other have rode in the race car being flat towed. Another thing of the past. I got my start in drag racing by being the guy that rode in the bouncing cold car. Charlie Castaldo got me started in Drag Racing in the ’60’s when he first got his D/G ’55 Chevy. I bounced riding in that car many times from Yonkers to Dover.

                        Andy Panessa


                            I raced at Flemington in 1961. I won a few rounds but in the end I was done in by a 1939 Buick that was running on the track record and I had gears for the quarter.

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