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      This “Memo”in from Rich at M & M Speed:
      Dino I spoke to Billy this morning and he would like to find the car and buy it back!!
      Billy Liguori & Barry Weighthall bought a 1955 Cheverolet SW from Victor Chapman of Poughk., it was driven on the street daily. this was the first time the two guys got together to build a car and go racing. They named the car “Easy Glider” and took turns in the driver seat. It ran SS/V with a 265cu.in. 180 Horse Power engine and Powerglide trans. They raced it on the NHRA Div.1 circuit from 1968 to late ’69. The car ran on and under the NHRA record (13.70’s @ 104+ MPH) and they made a few attemps at the record but could not ever back it up. It had a Racing Head Service (remember them) legal NHRA engine. They did pretty good together getting quite a few wins but all good things must come to a end so in 1970 they sold the car to someone (??) in Canada and ended the partnership.
      We were always very proud them representing M&M Speed.
      Rich & Tony


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        Just For Kicks ,I popped this Same post on the HAMB ‘Junior Stock ” thread of over 250 posts ! lot of sharp Stocker guys…Just got this reply:
        I’m not sure exactly what the class structure may have been in that area but, generally speaking, SS/V did not become a class until 1972. Val Hedworth ran a similar wagon in T/SA in 1971 and converted it to SS/V when NHRA revised the class structure at the end of the 1971 season. It is possible that this car received the same conversion treatment from Stock to Super Stock but someone was probably still racing the car in ’72 if it had that class designation. I’m working from an occasionally suspect memory here but I believe that Super Stock classes ended somewhere around SS/H or SS/I in 1969.

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          Billy told me that NHRA had SS/V only and not till later did they start /VA he said it was ’68 and ’69.

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            Hi Guys, It feels good to be back in the drag racing environment, even if it is through the computer. When Richie & Tony contacted me about our old car, Easy Glider, I was surprised that all this was going on. After running a couple of street cars, like a ’55 chevy hardtop and ’56 chevy nomad, just for fun, we decided to get serious and create a better ride with a better budget than the old ones. We worked in the evenings for Tony Chickery’s machine shop, installing heads and engines that he had rebuilt for customers, just to support the new race car. It was SS/V without a doubt, because we dealt with Val Hedworth, the record holder at that time, ’68-’69, trading information and parts to get our Racing Head Service engine to run at its best. We raced in the ’69 Summernationals at Englishtown, but the record holder was a fellow from Lubbock, Texas, whose name slips me and had an awesome wagon like ours as well. We broke a converter and he sold us one at the track. Oh, what fond memories of changing that torque converter in the hotel parking lot. This was a Rossi, true cast iron transmission. Heavy! I guess that we all miss our home track, Dover, and even with the dusty pits, we had it all. Thanks Richie for all the support in those days. PS: if you look closely at the picture of Easy Glider you can see the SS/V through the passenger window. Bill LIguori

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              Easy Glider

              1955 Chevrolet Model #210 Townsman ~ 265/180 HP ~ 4-Barrel ~ Power-Glide
              NHRA Factor > #3435 lbs. ~ 180 HP = 19.08 Wt/HP

              It was classed in ‘SS/V’ in 1972 and 1973.

              Below > Billy and Barry took Super/Stock Eliminator at Englishtown with a 14.02 @ 97.50 MPH

              They were running off the ‘SS/V’ National Record of 13.86

              As for NHRA Classes, SS/V did not start until 1972.

              And cars with a 17.00 Wt/HP and above, had ‘both’ Manual and Automatic Transmission cars in the same class.

              The 1955 Chevy #210 Townsman Wagon with the 265/180 HP would be classed as follows;

              Note; This 1955 car could not compete in Stock Class in 1971, as 1956 and earlier cars
              were ‘bumped’ from Stock Class.

              My bet, is that this 1955 Townsman Wagon was ‘sitting somewhere’ for the 1971 season.

              * 1968 ……. P/S = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP}
              * 1969 ……. Q/S = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP}
              * 1970 ……. R/S = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP}
              * 1971 ……. R/S = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP} ……….. See Above Note
              * 1972 ……. SS/V = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP}
              * 1973 ……. SS/V = {19.00 to 20.99 Wt/HP}

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