Warhorse leaves Dover Pits last Minute.

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        Hey Guys, Hey Dino,

        I have to just say how sorry I am, that we couldnt stay for the event! I am so saddened by this, I look foward to this event every year, it’s one of my favorites! I love lebenon Valley, I even have family up there and consider Lebanon my home track, even though we are stationed in Long Island, New York. Anyway we had all intentions of doing the show. During the week I had developed an irritation in my right foot. I thought brought on from a rock in my shoe. The next came and it seemed a little worse, so I blamed it on bad worn shoes and bought new ones. Well Thursday I loaded the trailer and by the Time Friday came My foot was all swollen. I blammed this on loading the trailer and not resting my irritated foot. So the we decided to press on. We dropped of the trailer around 10pm Friday and went to the hotel. Sat morning my foot was swollen, red, and starting to blister, I could barely walk on it. I still would of pressed on if I was only to drive, but I was already short my crew and it was only Me and my Father that day. I knew I wasn’t capable of doing all the loading and unloading of tools and car and etc. Plus this was just Sat, what if Sunday my foot got even worse! So that morning I talked to Bob Sweatland and Sadly had to tell him as I hooked up my trailer that I was leaving, I didn’t even want to display the car, because now my plans were to get back to long island and get right to the doctors, which I did. After poking, and cutting and sticking me with needles and draing fluids from my foot, a thorn like form came out that was embedded in my foot that they say was for quiet some time. There were signs of infection which will be cured by some anti-meds, now I just have to rest. The trailer is still in front of my house, and thats were it can stay until my foot soreness starts to subside. That pain may go away, but I dont think the pain of missing this years event will go away until I’m at the next years event! Sorry Guys !!! See you next year for sure! Hope everyone was Safe!

        Yours Truly Bob”BoyEvil” Driver of the Warhorse Injected Funny Car


            Bob I’m glad to see that your foot will be OK. I have to give you credit for coming all this way with your foot problem.
            Your a true racer. See you next year.



                Bob you gave it your best,and believe me we all appreciated that! Hope you heal well and soon,and like Pat D. said,see ya next year!


                    Bob …You’re one of US now…Better to take car of that…they’ll be another Race…we had a few other EMT incidents Sunday…Not on the track thank the lord …but the Dover ‘Family” watches out for each other…You get Well…Your group Of Nostalgia Funny Cars IS THE BEST bunch of guys to work with …Bobbie Leigh even entered the powder puff race with her honda AND WON…Will be talking to Bob Sweatland about ‘expanding’ your groups participation next year ! Get well and stay in touch here on the forum.

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