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        Dino here…Site founder and ‘administrator’…also announcer at Dover from ’67-’72. AT “NEW GUYS” , this is the place to introduce yourself by posting—-> NEW TOPIC….NOT Reply ..with discriptive subject title like maybe your name ,car or just something like new from-? NOTE: WHEN YOU REGISTER…GO TO “USER CONTROL PANEL” AND FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE. THEN SAY HI BY POSTING HERE IN THE NEW GUYS THREADS… You can contact anyone on the forums by going to” members”-and clicking on their user name and e-mailing or PM (Private Message) >>>click on your “user control panel and get familiar with it.Also check “using the Forum…lot of stuff here and growing constantly.


            Any problems posting photos or other issues …e-mail me anytime ;
            dino@doverdragstrip.com or call. all contact info on home page.


                ATTENTION IN THE PITS…And other parts of your old-over weight-bald and grey haired bodies……….Too many NEW GUYS to personally welcome with an e-mail in the past monthes!…and encourage to ‘SAY HI AT NEW GUYS” . . . so if ya read this AND never posted something….DO IT ….where are you now?…do you still race?…Still got the old car? Got any Photos-film-race stories?-know where another ‘not on here’ Dover Guy is?- will you be coming to any Dover events?- what did you have for breakfast? you know the drill…..just make a new topic here and let ‘er rip.

                Over The past few years …The “NEW GUYS” catagory has helped literly hundreds of Dover Guys hook up with long lost racing friends, who lost contact, for in some cases 40+ years. And Use the search feature (Put Name of person- business- Car Name your looking for) to find people…. LOTS of overlooked topics …IT probably IS here someplace.

                Sam Bozzette

                    Hi, My name is Sam and I am a metal fabricator, car builder and drag racer. I reciently purchased a 1963 Ford falcon hard top drag car with several Dover class winner stickers from 1971 on the quarter glass. The car is gold in color and has radically recuptured rear wheel wells. I am hoping to discover some history on the car. It also has winner stickers from New York National Speedway in Long Island and from York Dragway in PA.

                    Thanks for any help you can privide, Sam

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