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        O.K., who has the scoop on Westbury Motorsports? While searching for a picture of Jimmy Johnson’s Lowe’s transporter (for a business project, I could care less about NASCAR these days), I found Westbury, which appears to be a die cast/collectables site. On it I found some cool Dover stuff! Under the heading of NASCAR, I found a picture of Billy Holt’s ’33 willys gasser, then under AMT/ERTL, low and behold, the “Little Giant” in a wheels up launch at Dover! Under Drag Racing, a shot of the Brazee Brothers candy striped rail, under Misc. is a killer shot of Charlie Bouchers “Bad News” which appears to be a recent restored vehicle, and under performance another shot of “Little Giant” sitting still but looks like its right behind the startinig line.
        Go check it out!


            Hi Guys,

            This company is owned by Chuck Sabis of CT. He is also looking for info on the Little Giaint. If he is not a member, we should invite him in. His e-mail is:

            Andy Panessa


                Chucks a member of the forum JR/Fuel user name hasn’t checked in since Aug. 19 by logging in ,but could have browsed without logging in …use the search feature or go to members… I checked the e-mail addresses with user names and found match to what Plain Busted listed as e-mail for him. See Little Giant posts for phone call I had with him …..search helps! sometimes takes time for guys to check back.{edit-Dino-8/23/08}


                    Well excuuuuuse me! I’m not real smart with these ‘puter’s.

                    edit-dino 8/23/08 STORMY: I call him “stormy” cause of his thunder & lightning…..
                    you’re excused …. need another cup of coffee? really- Always liked that line from that comedian…. oh ,whats his name? Well excuuuuuuuse me !…sometimes I can’t remember names….Steve Martin , thats it


                        lets put it in a way you gearheads can figure…it’s like going to the toolbox looking for the 3/16th open end…….it’s all there…just got to keep looking til ya find it. Same with ‘puters’….just nose around a little…you’ll find it …don’t be afraid to click on stuff …you might be amazed at what you find. Geeks over design so once you find it and use it …it gets easier. go to USING THE FORUM …I put it as a “global Post ” so it shows up every heading you open like the Video announcement .Notice suggestion/questions…got a problem e-mail me or PaPa.


                            Back to the subject….Chuck or “ziggy” as they call him stays pretty busy building motors ,racin still and doing the internet bus. We’ll jangle his cage……dino

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