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    I am going to get some dounuts and the sun is out and shineing 😀 even know its like 18 degrees out 😆 ❗

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    OK lets hear your Cofee And Donut report ! WHAT DID U DO this week ???…I’m Fighting a home computer virus —-not having too much luck fixing it…About 31 out ,going down to 17 tonight. Week update at Home base:
    Drake sure came back with a 4th gear info post splash! ….He sure remembers more than Me. FINALLY Nailed the Nostalgia Race Date -Whew …now on to other Projects…Economy still in the tank down here …Anybody need Sign work Call me ! 😆 Some really great topics added this week in a bunch of new subjects …hit “View Latest Topics” Working on about 5 Dover Projects at once “…multi-tasking …. gona be good -watch for the updates …..gona sign out before my computer here at home acts up

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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