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        Just back from Lake George and the 20th annual car show there.
        Friday was the best full day for the event
        rain hampered the saturday part but the show was good for about 4 hours.
        While going in & out of the stores and hotels and motels
        on the main road in town by the fort to put the information / applications out (no one said no to the request)
        you could not believe how many people stopped and asked for information about the web site and asked for the flyers. Some were at the reunion last week and took flyers for their friends.
        The flyers where also put in any car with a Dover sticker on it (there were 3 there) unable to wait long enough to find out the owners and all “race(d)” cars there. Hope it get more info for the site, the 300+ flyers when quickly.

        A fun time was had by all,
        Bobby Schlegel


            Like I said in the Moroso Reunion Post…If you’re going to shows and want Some flyers to hand out (LIKE BOBBY DID HERE) Let Us Know in advance and We’ll mail them out !

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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