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        hey guys, im looking to buy a performance chip for my car…does anyone on here sell them? my boyfriend used to take care of all of my car stuff but we just broke up…ive never bought any car parts online before so i have like noooo idea what im doing…does anyone know what the best kind to get is? ive been looking at a new jet performance chip at this website but im not sure if its a good deal or not…has anyone ever purchased from them before? or could someone recommend a good website to purchase from? thanx!!




            I would like to learn from this too. The web site that Andrea posted has a Performance Chip for my ’91 Nissan Pick-up truck called a SURGE PERFORMABCE CHIP and it sells for $89.99 and I would like to consider it.

            Somebody here who knows about these things, please fill me in too. Should I buy that…?


                Andrea Says shes 17…so be NICE guys…and in her profile says her location is “dover” Huh? Don’t Know what Kind of Car She Owns ????

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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