2018 NEW ELIMINATOR Brackets

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2018 NEW ELIMINATOR Brackets

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Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:12 am

As stated in the "official Date" topic....we are reformating the Eliminators. All figured out and not open to debate. First: to Fine tune the entire event to a "Nostalgia Theme" -ALL cars for the Weekend in Car Show Or Racing will be PRE 1980. Just like Our Rod & Custom Show. Some show rules & organizations are going up to 82-83-84. Heck ...the National Street Rod Association is now 87 or earlier.... and The Capital Area Rods event now are open to "any Year" Not Us. Same for all cars in competition. This Bumps the year Break in Dover Vintage-Modified and Electronic up 3 years from 1977. We are Eliminating 'Dover New".Mostly entered are regular Lebanon runners...not 'New Cars of Dover veterans.That was the original intent ...Dover Guys with newer cars ...didn't ever materialize much. BUT Real original Dover racers and Family..."Ala" Lee Valentine and Morehead Family WILL have their Own Elimininator ! . We'll call it - Duh..... "Dover Originals" Must be connected with a Dover original Family or BE a Dover Original with a car Newer than 1980. This will not have a large car count but will showcase Dover guys almost as an exhibition class ...fun for the fans and all of us. We will require 'credentials" year-class ran at Dover or a 'sponsoring' dad or grandfather. that Did run Dover. This will be a Pre Registered class with info how to enter readily available after winter.And Entries will get a cool decal to show all, your historical connection.If you're a "Dover Original" running in Vintage or Modified...these decals will be available Free at the Goodie Booth to show Your Dover history.They'll have a space to put your year & class originally run. Next is the elimination of not only time constrant issues ( Time Trials and actual stage-run-slow downs) and Low car count in the last 5 or more years. OUT as stated Dover New...Also Comp And the Drag Bikes. If you have a problem with this ...Call me ...this is not The Place to bitch & moan. 5 or 6 entries does not warrant its own eliminator.Wayne and I have spent too much time & energy working this out .He is glued to the tower every week, with all kinds of event structures ( knows what, and what doesn't fly) ,and thanks to computer records of every Dover event run ( ET , MPH, Elim. car count)...this is what's best for the good of the days operation. NEW will be a 'D.O.T." class ( Pre 1980 again) for all the guys to be evenly paired together without running a built up, slick tire, all out race car in Vintage or Modified. Great for your registered weekend 'cruisers' .WE are Keeping 4-Speed and 409.Our intent is to Begin eliminations and exhibition cars at 12:30 and end at a reasonable time like 5 or 6. This was the way it was in years past ( 2011-2015)..this puts our second round of exhibition runs at about 3pm ,right before the Car Show award parade....AND opens the door back to having our Time Warp Parade again. And If Time Permits ,we're planning A wheel stand Contest.... I've attemped to fortify the Dover Theme and make the day enjoyable and not still be running at 8:30.

So Here Goes:
* DOVER 'new' ORIGINALS -1981 & up Pre-Entered with authentication.
* DOVER VINTAGE-pre 1980 11:51 or slower
* DOVER MODIFIED-pre 1980 11:50 or faster
* DOVER ELECTRONIC- pre 1980 only bracket with delay box
* DOVER 4-SPEED- Pre 1980
* 409 Eliminator-Pre 1980 any style car with 409
* DOVER D.O.T. pre 1980 DOT Tires, Mufflers & Registration.

as always.. Trans Breaks allowed. All cars must pass NHRA tech
Friday & Sat morning Tech (once) will speed up things with two & three day passes.This worked this year.

.....$25. Friday
.....$35. Car & Driver SAT & SUN....$10. Crew/ea. day.-through tech lanes

.....NO pre-entry.(Ecept DOVER 'new' Originals )..Come & Run The Old Skool Way-"Fun Trophy race-the way it was"..with the Dover Crew!
...ALL run 'Bracket Style' With desired Dial-in posted on window
...NO ELECTRONICS !.(except-D/E-Dover Electronic).
........didn't have 'em then---No Throttle stops...Trans Brakes accepted !...SET ALL DELAY BOXES AT '0"

Receive Big Trophy, AND Elinimator Winner Jacket!
Trophys & Decal for Winner & runner -Ups ....Plus Sponsor Contingency awards to be announced.
All Competitors Get "Competitor" DECAL
Dino in ROCK 'n' ham
"Attention in the pits and other parts of your body"

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