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      A couple of others I was just thinking about, the Bocanfuso Brothers, Chris was one and I can’t for the life of me remember the other one’s name. They had a ’64 Plymouth lightweight max wedge, which someone told them Lebanon was running saturday nights (it was, just not the drag strip) anyway, they had a towing accident, and flipped the car off the trailer, showed up at Dover with the roof torched off it running altered.
      Then there is Billy Kolb, who ran Larsen Ford’s T-Bolt in ’64 at Dover, we later ran him at Conn. and then of course he had a wheelstanding econoline pick up.
      There are pictures of Obsession in T O’Sheas gallery, but where’s Hank Thayer who woned it? I’ve got super 8 film of it the day he wrecked ihis ’63 max wedge at Dover.
      How about “Tiny” Lund? He ran the ’62 383 Wagon called “Tiny Tim” also (Ronnie Moreheads Volvo was “Tiny Tim”) Tiny was a good buddy of Joe Kenny’s back then.