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        TED ABBOTT
        ED VAGNINI
        “Doc” ENGLES
        OUTLAWS AUTO CLUB > ………………………Club Members -search ’em out !
        DRAG-N-RUNS >

        …If ya locate…We need their input, Photos, stories……..OK GUYS ‘Go Get EM”


            Ron Morehead is at Morehead Honda and still activly racing in Super Stock and Stock


                I know Vinnie Antignano is not on the list BUT there are pictures of the Antignano Bros A/G 33 Willys coupe on some web sites. Anyway he is a friend of mine (I have some) and is at the Goodguys this weekend at Rhinebeck. There are a lot of old racers up there, come on over!


                    Hi Dino,

                    I was a member of the UNTOUCHABLES AUTO CLUB from Yonkers. WE had a clubhouse in the Nodine Hill section of Yonkers and I think on School St. after that. I forgot the name of the president, he had a Speed Shop in Yonkers. Nice guys, I had alot of fun with them.
                    When I used to help Charlie Castaldo on his ’55 Chevy, he took me to a few meetings of the OUTLAWS AUTO CLUB of Yonkers. He was a member and they had a garage at the time behind the Fire headquartes in Yonkers. Sandy was the president and he ran the A/G Willys.
                    I think “Doc” ENGLES was amember of the Outlaws. He had the E/G Chevy and then the A/A with a 427 Ford. He had a gas station on Sawmill River Rd in Yonkers.
                    I will ask some people that might know there locations.

                    Andy Panessa


                        School Street…!!!

                        Oh my…my…my…

                        I know about School Street…


                            Here is another club that used to be there cheering on there favorite manufacture. That’s the Flintstone Charger making a pass.

                            [edit-dino…I love this shot “tells the whole story”,what year?]

                            Dino it was mixed in the 5-22-66 event pictures
                            guessing 1966 by the setup of the flintstone charger.. bobby s.



                                wow.. isnt this something …. i remember both of those clubs from yonkers . one of the outlaws towed my 40 ford flathead to dover in 1962 . i was only 15 at the time .i think i broke anything that can brake . was richie coin pres of the other club . i went to saunders high back then… bill casey


                                    Sandy of the Outlaws was a ” trip “. The Willys is in a couple of times in the big ODF (T.O’Shea) Gallery. He would show up in the inspection lanes with a german Helmet on , salute Joe T. and my Brother Ted and announce “Outlaws ,reporting for duty”.


                                        The guy that was the president of the UNTOUCHABLES AUTO CLUB was named Synder. I think his first name was Billy? He had a speed shopp around the corner from School St.

                                        Andy Panessa


                                            I spoke with Joe Beltempo just a short time ago. He found another ’63 or ’64 he’s building a max wedge clone out of. As you may remember, he boought Jed ST. Angelo’s “Northeast Raider”, which my Dad tuned and maintained for him. Didn’t help much. Most weekends, he’d get to the final against Ronnie Moorehead in the “Tiny Tim” Volvo and foul because he couoldn’t stand to see that thing disappearing so far down the track before his green came on! Joe was a funny guy, who really got involved at Dover after we bought the “Arrow’ and he crewed for us.
                                            I think Bill said he spoke to someone recently about one of the Centolanza Brothers; I’ll check.
                                            Tony chickery is someone we’ve wanted to reconnect with for some time, if aybody knows where he is. I’ve heard he’s still in Poughkeepsie/ Wappengers area. He beat us in pro stock one weekend when we ran the final as it started to rain. he was smart enough to short shift and lug the motor down to keep from spinning so hard, we weren’t. He came over after the race and handed us half the purse and said something to the effect of it wasn’t the way to win a race, it was for show. He was always one of the really, really, good guys.


                                                hvy70ss, aka Bob Smith, just mentioned over in the Storm King memories post that he had talked to Lou Centolanza last month. I think we just found the means to get Lou here.


                                                    Update……..I gave Lou and Tony Centolanza a ODF membership form at our car cruise Wednesday night. Soon as I mentioned Dino they said “Haven’t heard that name in awhile!”. It’s a safe bet one of ’em will be on here soon.



                                                        SUPER! Is this a great site or what?


                                                            Drake Viscome Informed me that Ralph Feola and Joe Kenney died in a plane crash. First of heard of this. Lets keep the Good Memories going ! More joining in every day ! Any one got a shot of Ralph’s super clean ’58 wagon?


                                                                I remember when Joe Kenny died in the plane crash. If I’m not mistaken he was pilot in command, and they went down in Washington Lake in Newburgh, within sight of Stewart Airport. I think that was back in the ’70’s.

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