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        Response to Bobby S. post of the photo with club member wearing CHARIOTS AUTO CLUB jacket. The club was located in the Bronx in the shadow of the Throgs Neck Bridge. I was a member of the club from about 1966 to 1973 and a huge Dover fan starting in 1962 when I was 13. I wish I knew who is wearing the jacket in the photo. Any Chariots out there?


            A couple of others I was just thinking about, the Bocanfuso Brothers, Chris was one and I can’t for the life of me remember the other one’s name. They had a ’64 Plymouth lightweight max wedge, which someone told them Lebanon was running saturday nights (it was, just not the drag strip) anyway, they had a towing accident, and flipped the car off the trailer, showed up at Dover with the roof torched off it running altered.
            Then there is Billy Kolb, who ran Larsen Ford’s T-Bolt in ’64 at Dover, we later ran him at Conn. and then of course he had a wheelstanding econoline pick up.
            There are pictures of Obsession in T O’Sheas gallery, but where’s Hank Thayer who woned it? I’ve got super 8 film of it the day he wrecked ihis ’63 max wedge at Dover.
            How about “Tiny” Lund? He ran the ’62 383 Wagon called “Tiny Tim” also (Ronnie Moreheads Volvo was “Tiny Tim”) Tiny was a good buddy of Joe Kenny’s back then.


                Now that we got cool Shots submitted in “photos” of ‘the New Yorker’ of Vic Ferris ….where did Vic live? and is he still around ?.


                    Vic Ferris used to hang around at Bobby Lagana’s shop on Brook Street in Scarsdale. I think he either lived in Eastchester or Scarsdale. Bobby Lagana Jr. is a registered user of this site. He might be able to tell you where Vic is now.

                    Charlie Irving


                        Vic had moved to Florida and passed away in 2004 ..he ran several cars ,the most remembered was the “New Yorker”. Some Pics in The PHOTO Forum heading. He Ran a Service Station in New Rochelle, N.Y. and was tight with the Champion Aouto Engeineering crew.


                            Sorry to hear about Vic.Thanks to you guys for the info. Dennis Doubleday


                                More Names coming up in other posts…Lets put The DOVER CSI team to overtime ….Add Al Oakes…Hampton Dias’ son….Donny Collandro…. Check the posts and go to the first list here …lets track /em down ! network …call your contacts…these guys should be on the forum… Chris Swift…. Antone Addesso…Tony Neri….John Gunn….Ronnie Morehead….Fred Egloff…Hit the members list and e-mail the ones that haven’t posted even a HI in New Guys…..some register and don’t say any thing ??? you’ll see posts 🙄 -0


                                    I just got off the phone with Tony Chickerys cousin, Joe and he told me that Tony passed away about 3 years ago.


                                        Wow, so sorry to hear about Tony Chickery. I was hoping we’d have a chance to get together with him again.


                                            Wow this is like looking at the backbone of Dover drag racing. It’s great to hear from Billy Casey , I would see him at the races with Billy Griffin, He finally got the “golden Apple” and helped win that event at E-Town.. well deserved. Allan Peters if it’s the same guy was racing out of Uncasville Conn. and then I saw he was racing out of Florida maybe?
                                            Sandy fom the Outlaws had the Gulf station on the corner of Nepperhan and Ashburton in Yonkers .Then urban renewal came and I saw him in Fishkill he had the Shell station at RT 52 and 82 but that was 25 yrs ago and the Willys was outside….YEAH.
                                            Doc Ingels split from his partner and had moved to Torre Pl in Yonkers . But I closed my shop there 25 yrs ago. He was running that altered with the 6 cyl chevy motors.
                                            I think Richie Coyne was running his speed/ repair shop down by Getty Sq. but again don’t get back to Yonkers anymore.
                                            I remember Billy Casey praticing during the week on the Sprain Pkwy so he would be in shape for Dover on Sunday.
                                            How about Fred Egloff . Is he doing OK ?

                                                quote BOBBIGMAC:

                                                Allan Peters if it’s the same guy was racing out of Uncasville Conn. and then I saw he was racing out of Florida maybe?

                                                Al Peters was from Stratford CT. Came to Florida years back and had his Camaro stocker, but I think he went back to CT. Last time I talked to him he was looking for another Suburban to use as tow vehicle here in Florida.

                                                Dino…. Don Scinto might know where he is now, they were pretty good friends.


                                                    Don’t know where Ed Vagnini is but here is two Dover pictures. I believe are him and his car.
                                                    Both pictures taken 7/03/66.
                                                    I admit, I am not organized like video Bob. Plus I don’t have his helpers either.



                                                        Great pics Tom !!
                                                        Love the candid shots!
                                                        Wish I gave taking pics more thought back then!
                                                        But those were the “point n shoot” days!!
                                                        Keep lookin you’ll find more!!


                                                            Don Scinto was on the “Looking for List” but I think he is found now all though I don’t think he registered.
                                                            Here are two more pictures of his K/S Pontiac.
                                                            Pictures were taken on 7/03/66.




                                                                I first went to Dover in 1969 or so. I grew up in Newtown, Ct and lived up the street from this guy who ran a Plymouth K/SA. It was a blue Plymouth Valiant 1967. His name was Jeff Seligman. Jeff was a large man. Joe Kenny built his motors and the side of Jeff’s car said, “Joe Kenny Prepared” Jeff later opened A and S Performance Center in Danbury and through high school I worked there. We teamed with a guy named Jerry Arnold and ran a Pro Stock 69 Camaro called the American Rat because of its red white and blue flag paint scheme. At first, we ran the car as a B/G with injection. It was blue back then. I have many fond memories of Dover, and every one who raced there. Again, I was 14 when I first went. Jeff use to tell me to keep my mouth shut because I didn’t know what I was talking about. Nice encouragement for a kid but what the hell.

                                                                We were friends with Ritchie and Gil Shott and the Shottgun Express was my “hero” car. I built a detailed scale model of their twin engine car that had a very short life. It crashed but I can’t remember where.

                                                                I was at Dover when Jack Elsa or what ever his name was ran off the left side of the shut down area. What a mess. Every one in the stands ran down to the shut down to see what was going on and the one lone cop trying to establish some level of order screamed that he was going to sweep the who place if we didn’t go back to the stands. I figured I should go get a broom from the starting line and asked him if I could. Good thing I was young and could run fast!

                                                                My favorite Sunday had to be in 1970 when Prudhomme and McEwen came with their Hot Wheels funny cars. What an amazing spectacle. The place was packed. I even think that Paula Murphy and Ritchie Shott had a match race that weekend too but I could be wrong. Even Western Bunns showed up with the Soul Twister and the place felt like Lions Drag Strip migth have. I secretly longed to live in California and have gone to The Beach, OCIR, Irwindale, Half Moon, etc. But, I was proud to come from NED 1 and the home of the best stockers and super stockers anywhere. I later went to college in Ohio and was impressed with the quality of the modified production cars in Div 3 but Div 1 ruled for stock and super stock.

                                                                I saw the Al Hoffman’s son checked in. I remember Jeff and I would go to pick up Al and the Rat Poison 55 Chevy. Al didn’t have a way to get the car to the track and we had a Ford Wagon and Bock trailer. So, off we went. Al must have been maybe 24 years old. He was married and had kids, but this was long before Helen Hoffman. He had little automotive mechanical know how and just trying to set the timing on that car was evil. I had to go in through the fire wall! Years later when some guy named Al Hoffman was running a funny car and actually being very competitive with some guy named John Force, I never made the connection until one night while reading ND, I looked at a photo of Al and it hit me, “my god, it’s THAT AL HOFFMAN!” I was very proud of how far he had come.

                                                                Anyway, I would love to find Jeff Seligman if he is still alive. I had heard that he moved to Florida, but that was 20 years ago. Anybody have any clue?


                                                                Peter Kumble

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