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      Sorry to hear about Billy Milano. Back around the end of 1968 I went looking for a body to hang all the original sheet metal from the “Black Arrow” on. I wanted to run in Super Stock, not altered. The heads up class we had been running at Conn. Dragway ( for-runner to Pro Stock) had ended. I went up to Arrow to see what they had. Up to that time I hadn’t met Billy. He knew me from Dover though, and fixed me up with a ’64’ Plymouth sedan. My brother Gary (16 at the time) and I spent 3 months changing it into a ’65’. All through this process Billy continued to help us round up missing bits and pieces. Can’t imagine what the project would have been without his help.

      Just to clarify a point. It was never my intent to represent this car as the former “Black Arrow”, I just wanted to run S/S and I had all the right parts. In retrospect, it was a lot more original than the clones that are being run in S/S today. I raced it one season then sold it to Doc Burgess, who wanted his kids to know what the Arrow was like.

      Bill Smrtic