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      quote storm king:

      Just picked up a few copies tonight; think I’ll subscribe, any mag that “Big Daddy” writes for as well as into; is alright. McEwen, too. Met his wife last week at the NHRA museum (tiny place, “Big Daddy’s puts it to shame) and she was real nice. I saw ‘Goose there too but didn’t want to bother him as he was leaving. I would have liked to have talked to him. He wasn’t looking all that well. Randy, if I put a note together to him you might forward it to him for me?

      Yeah, Stormy . . . fire it off to Jeez, I wish you had tripped me or something. It would have been cool to meet you. BTW — the Mongoo$e is fine. That’s just the way he looks these days 😮 .

      Man, I wish your trip to the Museum left you with a better impression. Granted, they only have so much space to work with thanks to the Fairplex, but it’s the content that makes it special. That’s something Wally had dreamed about for many years, although he didn’t see any need to name it after him. He didn’t care for the bronze statue of himself by the entrance, either. When it was set in place, he commented, “Well, at least the birds have something to sh#@ on.” That was Wally, he was an amazing guy.

      Hey, I doubt you saw it, but towards the far end of the display case on your right as you walk in, there’s a great photo of Frank Maratta with (then) Northeast Division Director, Ed Eaton, looking at a scale model of CT Dragway before it was built. Anyway, please feel free to give me a heads-up when any of youz guyz come to SoCal. A friend of mine owns a nice Italian restaurant not far from the track. Anthony Terenzio and crew can vouch for my recommendation. Later . . .