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        I am new to the board and own a 1970 Torino Cobra that was raced at Dover in 1970 and 1971 by the original owner, a police officer from CT. He ordered the car new from Crestwood Ford in CT and he meant to go racing: a bench seat C6 stirpper ordered with 429 SCJ, 4:10 drag pak and shaker hood. These photos are from August of 1970.

        The car was later lettered up as “King Cobra” and had dealer sponsorship. These photos are from October 1971.

        Does anyone remember the car? Anyone have any other pictures of it at Dover?

        I have more photos from Dover in 1970, including some shots with jammed staging lanes, and I will post them elsewhere in the hopes maybe someone will recognize thier cars.


            I’m seeing a bunch of Win Stickers there!…70 the bigger ones …71 small….Still on the car? How ’bout a Current shot ?


                OK, I will post the additional photos here. I am a big Torino/Cyclone fan and love this shot with the Cyclone Spoiler sticking its nose in….anyone know whose car that was?

                Lining up for another pass…

                Look at the Muscle in the staging lanes! I saw a post some where here about a green Torino GT…is that it to my left? The Cyclone Spoiler is to my right on the outside.

                Damn…look at the Mach 1 to my left and that Scrambler in the outside lane!

                As for the photos of my car in Oct. 1971, yes, those are Dover Class win decals in the qtr glass. I found a repop at the AC show last year…

                I traced the history of the car to the original owners widow who told me she thad she still had a box of his junk in her Moms attic. I called and emailed her regularly for over a year before she finally shipped me this box of treasure…she had planned on throwing this stuff out…

                Those are 5 Dover Class WIn Trophies and the same helmet seen on the origianl owners head in the first photo on this thread.
                They were in rough condition and required diassembly and repair but cam out nice.

                By the way, the cars on the trophies are first gen fastback Mustangs.

                So…how many people can identify any of the cars in the photos?


                    Hate to break it to Ya Greg ..That Win Sticker is a Fake ….its a bad copy of the ’69 (without “69)…your 70 Couldn’t have won it …car came out after track closed for ’69.To see the real McCoy…Go to: Danbury Reunion News And Notes (includes Marcus Dairy Cruise info -Reunion is held there)….Find Opening Night -Marcus Cruise Topic and See photos of Dover Regular Chip Zellners gold Corvette…. Those are ORIGNALS he won . Also go to our Store and click to enlarge our Win Decal print .One you posted is ‘new’ technology scan and bad print AND its got a silly die-cut to it…..BUT ALL the other stuff is PURE History and must be displayed with the car !



                        I also bought the photo and frame yesterday showing all the class win decal!

                        Does anyone remake the 1970 and 1971 class win versions?


                            I forgot the current shots:

                            The body and paint on the car was restored back in the late 80s

                            I dig the vintage plate program in NYS and remember the old blue and gold plates well

                            I just finished an old school rebuild of motor…solid HM cam, 11:3 compression…detailed the engine bay

                            The SCJ only engine oil cooler lines are not attached in these photos

                            A rare car and nice driver…


                                I had a dark green 70 Torino GT, 351 4bbl, shaker, slats. I sold it in 85 when my son was on the way. Last I heard it was in the Mahopac area. It had a National Speedway win sticker on L/S qtr glass.


                                    were working on our own set of win decals done correctly.


                                        Great meeting you Greg !!
                                        Really great find and one hell of a car you have there!
                                        If you ever need anything from Crestwood Ford I live right around the corner from them !!
                                        oh and all the booty you have from past owners ,priceless!!!
                                        Heres a pick from Sundays nostalgia meet at Etown Paul and Greg and Gregs bag of Dover Drag Strip staples!!
                                        Hope to see you again ,dont be a stranger!!

                                        ‘V’ Bob



                                            Thanks for the photo-opp, and for hooking me up with this site…its a history lesson…

                                            You can do me a solid…if you know any old timers who worked at Crestwood Ford back in 1970-71 I am wondering if anyone remembers the car. If it was lettered up with Crestwood on the qtrs it must have had some dealership support. I am always looking for more history…

                                            I recently got them to send me a dealership decal which is now on the tail panel…

                                            “The small details, Ralph, the small details…”


                                                Hi, I got a couple of quick questions about your torino. In the one picture it looks like there is a tach on the left pilar??? Is there a switch panel under the dash??? Was there elec fuel pumps in the trunk??? I think this was the car my father owned back in the early 90’s. There should be 2 holes in the left pilar, we still have the tach, and in those old pictures you have did the car ever have american racing 200-s wheels???


                                                    Who was your dad? I have the complete owner history…do you have a brother named Mike?

                                                    The car went to another local name Liam before going to IIllinois…is he your dad? I am looking for pics from that period…


                                                        Though I have not seen him in 35 years, the original owner of the “King Cobra” was Brad Erickson.
                                                        He was a police officer with the Monroe Ct. P.D. Real nice guy.
                                                        Always went to the track every Sunday with Gordon Sanford ( E/SA ’70 Buick GS stage 1)


                                                            Local!….Greg hasn’t been on here in a long time…You might want to click on his user name-go to his profile where you can Private message OR e-mail Wake him up …That car history is awesome and hope he still has it .

                                                                quote dinotheweirdo:

                                                                were working on our own set of win decals done correctly.

                                                                said this way back ….but changed my mind.

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