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        At one point yes to all of the above! Its the same car. Tach is off the A pillar now, as is the switch panel and electric fuel pumps. I found another owner since my last post and got some early 1990 photos…did you say American Racing 200-S Wheels? Look familiar:

        You have the tach from the A pillar? Was this your Dads car? If I have not spoke to you what else do you know about the car?

            quote local69:

            Though I have not seen him in 35 years, the original owner of the “King Cobra” was Brad Erickson.
            He was a police officer with the Monroe Ct. P.D. Real nice guy.
            Always went to the track every Sunday with Gordon Sanford ( E/SA ’70 Buick GS stage 1)

            Now I am intrigued…that is the same car…unfortunately Brad Erickson passed away…

            Do you or anyone know how to reach Gordon? I am always looking for more history and pictures…

            The Cobra was voted Favorite Ford by the Hemmings Staff at MusclePalozza XII…

            The hardware…

            As my Dad says, “…that and $2.50 will get you on a bus…” 😯

          Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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