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        I think it’s Jim Sinsel’s “Farmer” from MD. He raced most of the div 1 PS circuit races in 1971. Mike


            Jim Sinsel from Baltimore, Maryland USA 1972 – Class: PRO, Div: 1
            “Farmer’s Daughter” Owned by Jim Sinsel from Baltimore, Maryland USA Crew Chief: Jim Sinsel
            ’69 Chevrolet Camaro by an Unknown chassis builder | Powered by a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet with 4 speed manual transmission
            Notes: East Coast circuit racer. Car was called Farmer in 1971.
            got at draglist.com


                Dino, yes that’s definately the guy. I found a b&w picture of the car in an old national dragster but my scanner apparently is not compatible with my new computer. Ain’t that always the way? Mike


                    Mike I cant find much about Jim Sinsels Farmer Camaro.
                    I do hope that you can scan that.
                    Thanks, Nikke


                        hi Nikke,
                        I’ll try to get the scanner going again when I get home today. It’s a b&w pic of the same car with a caption saying it’s Jim Sinsel. What exactly do you hope to find out about the car? When NHRA PS started in 1970, Sinsel and Gene Mooneyham raced a ’68 Camaro (427) at some points meets, some open PS races at smaller events and lots of hired in appearances at PS shows all over the VA-MD-DE-PA-NJ-NY area. That car was called “D-Con Duster”. In 1971, the ’68 wasn’t legal anymore and they switched to that 1969 Camaro. I’m not sure Mooneyham was still involved with the car in 1971. He drove at many of the races in 1970 but Sinsel drove all the 1971 events as far as I know. Same deal in 1971, mostly circuit races. I’m not sure either car ever raced at any national events in either NHRA or AHRA. Both cars were reasonably competitive for the time. I think the ’69 ran some 10.0’s. Mike


                            Trying to find some missing pieces.


                                Thanks Mike for the Picture.


                                    I do believe the 69′ Camaro “MIMI” Bill Blandings car set the A/MP record at the
                                    71′ Gatornationals, 10.19 with Rich Mirarki driving. Didn’t he own Pro/Stock at
                                    Dover in 71′ also. For awhile, he was the only one that ran in 9.90’s.


                                        MIMI had a All Aluminum 430 Cam Am tunnel ram motor.

                                        Rich Mirarcki from N. Syracuse, New York USA (Lic: 111) 1971 – Category: PS-CLASSIC, Type: LN, Class: PRO, Div: 1
                                        “Mimi” Owned by Bill Blanding from Syracuse, New York USA Crew Chief: Bill Blanding
                                        ’69 Chevrolet Camaro by an Unknown chassis builder | Powered by a 427 cubic inch Chevrolet with 4 speed manual transmission
                                        1/4 Mile ET: 9.960 at Delmar | 1/4 Mile MPH: 139.10 at Delmar



                                            Nikke…Are you in Sweden?


                                                Yes Im in Sweden


                                                    A bunch of Pro Stock Camaros locally ran in the 9’s that year (but probably not at Dover)…….Just to name a few…Bob Ingles. Heller and Sarnelli, Danny from Bronx Speed, Bill from S&K Speed……..This was just from my buddies…I’m sure there were many more…Don……


                                                        Back to my Car.
                                                        It have some paperwork. Dont know if its real or fake.

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