Cost of the trip to the Valley…….

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        Hey thanks for thinking of us. We are doing okay. I am recovering from injuries sustained in a bad wreck back in April. We need to book our flights cause we sure ain’t driving….lol. Just got the clearance from the doctors to fly so got to get my azz in gear and book the flights. Can’t wait to come up for the race and see everyone again 😀

            quote mikey:

            …Now, Maso bought a house in N. Carolina, and I’ve yet to get a direct answer on him going, or not. …Mikey 😆

            Let me work on this for a little while longer. I will have an answer for you soon. Promise. 😉


                Maso has gotten back with me, and if we can work out some logistics, and long term parking arrangements with Dino, it should be a go! …………………Mikey 😆


                    I’m coming to Labanon Valley… see you all there.

                    Anybody know if the GramDog is coming…?


                        Gramdog will be there,hopefully both days 😀


                            4×4 – “Tony’….did some recon…He blocked out some rooms at The Holiday Inn express.


                                I spoke to Tony(M&M) today. I called the Hotel, checked that he got me a room, and put a deposit on it. I didn’t want Tony to get stuck if I’m late or a “no-show”. Maso and I will be there probably Thursday. Maso is going to drive to Dino’s, and I’m gonna pick him up there. I think Dino has a couple of things to put on the car too. ………….Mikey 😆


                                    Which Holiday Inn express ?

                                        quote masracingtd1167:

                                        Which Holiday Inn express ?

                                        About 10 to 15 minutes from the track. Phone # 1-518-286-1011. ……….Mikey 😆


                                            For those who have class A to C motorhomes,or travel trailers (have to be self contained,also no tent or tarp setups),the “Valley” has a separate ‘camp ground’ area,across from the roundy-round track.For info about it,you can call “Lebanon Valley” at (518) 794 7130.

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